Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pretty solid week. Didnt do too much. On Wednesday I destroyed my head on a pole and I thought I was going to die. We broke out the Uno cards this week too and played that on P Day. We went to the stake center and played basketball with a bunch of the Elder. Monday was some sort of Holiday here so everything was closed and we weren´t able to email. then we found out that the internet place changed to a dog food store, so we had to find a new place to go. its a little further, but on the plus side, my drop box works now. We finished all the lessons with Hermano Ruiz Moreno, his baptism is THIS SATURDAY! pretty excited.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday i saw a guy crash into a car with his bullet bike.  Tuesday I went on splits with the zl. that was alright. we taught a lesson with two ladies that were breastfeeding at the same time. that sucked. i was glad to go home on wednesday. my area is way better. We started playing basketball in the mornings and my companion loves it. its way better than soccer. on sunday it was the primary program. I felt at home, because i can never understand anything that happens anyway. the first thing that happend in the program, a little girl was holding her sign upside down. so it said Familias Son Eternal, but eternal was upside down. everybody was laughing and she felt bad. Also this week i found out how  awesome DandC is. ive never read it before and im cruising through it right now. I love it. Not too much more this week.  Ruis Moreno family is good. she is trying to quit smoking right now. his baptism is in two weeks.

Monday, November 10, 2014

This week was slow. We had Stake conference this weekend. that is a two day adventure. there were three different sessions and the mission president came down for it. We had to go to central 4 times this week and its starting to suck. Especially because its not a weird thing for women to breastfeed in public. so we get on the bus and about 50% of the time somebody is breastfeeding. thats always a good time [thumbs down (fart noise)]

Idk if i told you but our last devotional was Chad Lewis. that was cool. and drop box doesnt work at the place we go so i cant upload pictures

also today is my one month mark and yesterday was my half birthday.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Tuesday: We taught the Ruis Moreno family and I extended the invitation for baptism, which they accepted. First saturday in december!

Wednesday: We were sitting in a lesson around 9 and the wind started going crazy. We gave them a Restoration pamphlet and got out of there. When we got home we were absolutely covered in dirt. It was nasty.

Thursday: My comp was super tired and worn out from the week and planning so we had a relax day and didn´t do too much in the night.

Friday: We finished a lesson and were walking too the bus and my comp said it was about to start coming down. He was right, the rain was crazier than the wind. After about 10 minutes I just accepted it and didn´t care. We were soaked though.

Saturday: Rained all day.

Sunday: Fast Sunday. Didn´t understand much in church again.

We had milinesa 4 times this week. Not a bad thing

1st Nephi 13:37

Love You- Elder Beary