Monday, July 27, 2015

I made maple syrup this week (Maple syrup doesn´t exist here and i miss it so much. A member had some Mapline from a different elder) And it made me miss Maglebys french toast. (Shout out to Savy, hook me up with some in 1 year!)

Monday we had a branch activity and nobody showed up until about 1 1/2 hours after it started. We ate sandwiches and pizza.

Tuesday we went to Ledesma for our Reunion de Distrito and there was a corta en la ruta. Basically a group of people are mad cuz they want more money, so they get together and sit in the middle of the road for like 3 hours and the police dont do anything because they are too busy looking for people that are climbing up chimneys..... Welcome to Argentina. 

Wednesday (happy bday big bear) We deep cleaned our fridge beacuse we finally got it fixed. Went to our other pueblo for the day. then we got back and i made pancakes. 

Thursday (pioneer day) the President of our mission came to do interviews. Then had our Noche de Hogar and watch The Other Side of Heaven 

Friday I woke up from a very disapointing dream. I dreamt that we found Mtn. Dew. We left at 12 for a reunion in San Pedro, elder Urbinas old area. So we went and ate with some of his converts and visited others. The reunion was good. President Chaparro was there. It was for Priesthood holders and we learned about magnifying our authority. Got back to Yuto at 10:30ish. 
Sunday was ight. Nobody came to church. went to caimancito and said bye to our golden investigators. They are students in Salta, so that sucks. Had a few other lessons. Nothing too special.

¨Sometimes the best service is to just lend an ear.¨ 


Corta de ruta

Corta de ruta

Police bikers

My syrup

pancake (I hope you didn´t need a caption for that one.) 

Picture Catch Up

1. A bunch of homeless dogs

2. Chorrizo

3. Familia Bustamonte (investigators)

4. We all served in my first area.

5. My zone

6. Elder Fuga

7. Colectivo

8. Sweet clouds

9. Dog selfie

10. First dog bite wound

11. Dog selfie pt. 2

12. My Argentine scarf


Monday, July 20, 2015

Pictures wont load again..... Sorry team

But as for the week.. nothing too exciting again
We went on splits with the ZL´s and i was with Elder Burnett, he's from
South Jordan.
We have been going to the other part of our area a lot lately and last
week was awesome
We were contacting and found a 24 yo named Pilar. We talked to her and
basically just left her with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. On
wednesday we returned, and found her mom. The lesson was awesome and
we talked about faith. Then the mom said we need to visit her mom, who
lives in our area. So Friday, we went to visit her, and we found
Paola, Pilars sister. The next day we went back to the other area,
Caimancito, to visit them. We had a lesson with the whole family and
they all read the 2 pamphlets we left with them and had some fantastic
questions! We had a perfect lesson with them, but ended sadly. They
said that they were only in Caimancito visiting for vacation, and that
next week they go back to Slata. So two lucky elderes in Salta are
going to get a fantastic reference!!
Other than that we are working on our obedience again. This week we
have interviews with the Pres. so that should be solid.

Sorry about the lame email, and that I cant load pics... One day you
will see all of my puppy selfies again, one day..

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sorry but I tried to send my email like 3 times and I don´t want to
type it out again because Its not saving to the drafts

The only thing that was of importance is to remember that
Every member has the responsibility to share what they know, but
every missionary has the CALLING to do it, and we know that the
message we share is true.
¨If there is a doubt in your heart, resolve it ASAP so you cant
sincerely say ¨I know this is the church of Christ¨

Love all of you guys and hope you have a great week
Also, I cant upload pics.
Hopefully next week will be better!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Still clapping in front of every door (we don´t knock here) looking for more people to teach
This week in my studdies I read ´Our Heritage´ the book about the history of the church. It talks a lot about the pioneers and the early struggles of the church. It truly is amazing the things they went through. Most of the things could only have been done with the help and protection of God. If this weren´t his church, there is no way that most of the things that were done, could have been done.

I know that God is our Heavenly Father and I know that he is looking after each and every one of us every single day. He wants the best for us, thats why we have our families here on the earth, thats why we have commandments. 

Yesterday marked 12 years from when I entered the waters of baptism to make a covanent with God to always remember him. Although I don´t remember too much from that day, I do remember the decision that was made was mine. I do know that I willing chose to enter in this straight and narrow path that leads to salvation.

¨An interesting thing happens whenever you attempt to place your feet in Christ´s footsteps. If you really concentrate on trying to walk the way He walked-- Loving, caring, serving, and obeying each step of the way-- one day you´ll look up and discover that His path has lead you directly to the throne of God.¨

I love you guys and want you to know that I know this Church is true. 
SÃo que Jesucristo muri³ por nuestros pecados, y gracias a su expiaci³n, nosotros podamos ser limpios, y un d­a, vivir en su reino.