Monday, October 27, 2014

Not much time. What a week. Said goodbye to everybody on Sunday night. That was hard. Made so many good friends in the MTC. (Shout out to my homies)

comp lost his passport in the airport so we missed our flight to atlanta and he had to go back to the mtc, but i caught up in atlanta. flights were long but i slept a lot. got to the mission home and met the Pres. he is a good guy. slept in a bed and breakfast with everybody. woke up and met our comps. mine is Elder Echeverria. he is from Peru. its his last 12 weeks. the language barrier is real. im serving in Santiago Central. the eastish side. our area is 423 city blocks and we live on the outskirts. so there is a lot of walking. we walk for 45 minutes just to get to the middle of our area, and the streets suck. we just walk on loose gravle snt fun. but we taught this family their first lesson, and they will definitely get baptized. Yay! I have no idea what is going on for a good 90% of the time. luckily we live with two americans so i can still hold conversations with people and one of the elders translates for me what my comp says.

its super duper hot here. everybody owns a baddae (Not sure how to spell it) that is an interesting experience everytime. there are homeless dogs everywhere. but they are nice. their only goal is to find shade and stay alive. and also, you dont knock on doors here, you clap and wait for them to come out. oh, and there is no such thing as dinner in our mission. we just dont eat dinner, yet somehow all the missionaries gain weight? there is also a walmart here, it is called ChangoMas. for pday today we went to the central part of the city. it was crazy. but i bought a sombrerro because my nose got super sunburn already.

like i said not too much time, it is hard out here adjusting, but i love it so far. this week has been crazy, and my letter doesn´t justify it. hopefully what i said made sense, and sorry for the poor punctuation.
sorry i don´t have time to respond to personal emails.

also, i cant see the pictures i sent so hopefully they make sense.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Nothing too amazing has happened here this week, the devotional this week was from Larry Lawrence of the 70, it is also Bria Lawrence's grandpa. that was cool. I saw and talked to her at dinner that day. other than that, just getting everything ready to go for Monday. Like I said nothing too amazing. on the plus side we find out that we will get another set of flight plans in Argentina, so we will fly to Salta instead of bus there. that goes from 20+ hours to 2. I'll take that.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The MTC is alright. Everyday is the same. We just sit in class and lear Spanish and the gospel. We had a good devotional on Sunday. Vai Sikahema came and gave a good message about opening up and talking to everybody you meet. It was cool hearing from him. Last P-Day my companion was playing volleyball and some samoan guy spiked it and dislocated my comps thumb. that was cool. the bone was sticking out of his finger, so the rest of P-Day was spent at the ER which was kind of unfortuante because I was on fire during basketball. Other than that nothing too exciting. We got our flight plans today. We fly to Atlanta then down to Buenos Aires. After that, they bus us up to Salta. That is going to be at least a 20+ hour bus ride.... I'm so excited for that.... 

Companion's xray

My zone

Friday, October 3, 2014

This week was kinda boring. just the same thing every day. wake up early, sit in class for 10 hours, go home. But on Wednesday we did move up to the Main MTC and it has been kinda fun seeing more people that I recognize, and exploring the new campus. Monday night we went to the pillow room. just a room full of extra pillows. on your last service day you get to go in and jump around. its basically a giant ball pit for adults. its probably how i imagine heaven to be like. its a good time. and then tuesday night, our last night on west campus we put all of our mattresses in the living room and had wrestle mania! great times. that is basically all i have for this week though.