Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

Sorry guys I really suck at writing. I like to read everybodys email and respond, and then at the end I finally write my weekly letter, but I usually don´t have too much time to do it!
This week was a week of SERVICE
Tuesday we did about 4 hours of service in the A.M
A less active lady told us that she had some dirt in the back that she wanted us to bring in to the house (Yes, the people here have dirt floors) So we go out back and... nothing...? She gave us 2 shovels and an ax and told us to start carving away and this giant natural mountain/hill. she wanted us to take out all of the dirt and put it inside to level out her floor, so we did. Then we went back two days later to do more, and we still aren´t even close to done.....
Wednesday we had a conference with out Mission President and his wife. We talked about the importance of the families and how we should be super focused on finding/baptising/and completing families! Then we watched a video about Jesus talking to the Woman at the Well and the first thing he did was tell her to go find her husband and bring him to listen.
I also had to juggle in front of everybody and we ate Tacos (fun fact, every country below U.S.A don´t just eat mexican food) First taco in 14 months and it was fantastic
Friday I went on splits with an Elder Jensen (from St.G) in his area. He just got transfered to his area on emergency transfers and had been there for 4 days, lets just say we were a little lost for about 90% of the day (his comp had to do 3 baptismal interviews so we had to stay in his area). But we were able to apply the importance of the families and talked to a recent convert with 5 of his family members that don´t usually listen to the lessons, and the ALL accepted a baptismal date!!! 
Saturday we had the baptism of Camila Villasanti! it turned out super duper
Sunday Camila was confirmed, and I also confirmed that I am super alergic to cats, usually I say im allergic so I push them away, but this cat was super cute and playfull, so for about 15 minutes I played with it. Well about 15 minutes later it hit me, I could feel my throat sweeling, it was hard to keep my eyes open and my forehead was super itchy, but we got to the Villasanti´s and I washed my hands and face and they gave me some allergy drops for my throat and eye drops, after about 30 it was going away. It was a friendly reminder that I still hate cats!! (thats why I only send dog selfies!!)
Reindeer antlers that my gma sent me. lol
Splits with Elder Jensen

 Baptism of Camila
Camila and us
Her little bro wanted to be baptized too! (on my side)
My boy Elder Cruz from the streets of Oakland CA

Monday, November 16, 2015

An apostolic update

Last week was the first week of the new transfer. An elder in our district is training now so we spent a few days together before his new comp got here. 
Wednesday we were waiting in a park for a joven from the ward to come do some visits with us. As we were waiting there was a super old man walking across the street, he got to the curb and scaled it like a champion, but there was another little step to conqure and he didn´t quite make it. As he was falling backwards and slammed his head pretty badly on the ground I was running over to help him. We decided to help him all the way to his house, there was a kid on his bike who new where he lived. after about 5 minutes and 2 blocks, we ran into a guy who was looking for him and he guided us to his house. Then afterwards we went to a less active families house and had a super good lesson with them. They finally opened up and told us why they don´t go to church. 
Sunday was the Primary Program. Thats my favorite sunday of the year. It was super awesome this year becuase we had 3 families come to church that we are working super hard with.   

This week

Skipping all the boring stuff and getting right to it: 
Friday, we all borded a bus at 3:00pm to go to Salta. The whole entire mission had a conference with the mission president and his wife . Oh yeah, and with ELDER COOK. Saturday we woke up and put on our cleanest shirt, suit, and shoes with the nicest ties we own. Headed over to the chapel and met up with the old friends, set up a bunch of chairs, and took a mission pic. Then stayed put for about 10 minutes for Elder and Sister Cook, Elder and Sister Texiera, and Elder and Sister Suarez to roll up in their mini vans. They got their just as we were finishing ¨Families Can Be Togeher Forever¨ and starting ¨I Am a Child of God¨ They stepped out and just waited and watched as we finished the verse. There was absolutely no doubt that the Spirit was present during that moment and the following two hours. We got into the chapel and had the opportunity to shake their hands, but knowing me, I gave them a good ol Elder Beary bear hug. (I was the only hugger out of the 209 missionaries.. oops) 
Elder Cook talked about how we can be better branch builders of the church. full of advice and council. Be warm, loving, gracious, smile more, express love, let them know you are a mesanger. Then he remined us that we shouldnt judge those who are trying to follow Christ. It doesn´t matter your age, gender, sexual orientation, size, color, ect. and that the blessings of the restored gospel are available to all of the people that want them. The part that stuck out the most to all of us that were ther and that hit us the haredest was at the end. He talked about having spiritual experiences and that we all can have them. with all the seriousness and humbleness of his heart he testified saying ¨I´ve heard the voice of the Lord, I have seen his face!¨ There was a dry eye in the chaple as you could feel the spirt so strongly. and there was no way you could doubt what he had just said. 
It was such a good meeting and opportunity to hear a special witness of the Lord here in my mission. It was like a Salta, Argentina version of General Conference. 
Sunday Elder Texiera and his wife, along with President and Hermana Chaparro came to our Stake Conference and that was also powerful and uplifting. Elder Texiera gave the metaphor of the bird who gives his feathers in exchange for food. but after so many times, he no longer has feathers to fly and he cant get anymore food. then he tied it in with our agency and falling for sin. 
Camila (invesitgator (Part Member family)) came to church again and is preparing for baptism this saturday, our only fear is that the bishop wont approve it because she comes from a family really inactive, but they are doing really good and coming to church. PRAY FOR THEM.

Hope all is good back in the 801 or where ever it is that you are right now. Shout out to Ivan for tying the knot on Saturday! 
elder wood from my district in the mtc
 elder Iongi
 My mtc district
 elder cook
 mission pic and singing
 elder hogge from my first area
 pocket square
 bus ride to salta
 going to play futbol
 primary program
 my new whale tie (thanks mom)
 my comp crying cuz he wont be my christmas comp so he cant have the stocking full of treats
 christmas package

Monday, November 9, 2015

I hope you guys are doing well and I would love to hear from you!

Monday, November 2, 2015

The super exciting news first: Nothing happened.  My comp and I are still together trabajando in the same area.
Other than that, a pretty average week here in Argentina. It rained a whole lot and the streets kinda flooded. I went on splits with Elder Barbaran again and I was in his area. They had an activity for mothers day and we went to help serve (eat) the food for them. The 2nd councelor in my ward gave me a really, really nice tie last night. Like, really nice. Today with the jovenes of the barrio we went to Centro and played some pool and arcade basketball, then we went to the church and ping ponged it up like always.

Im excited to still be here in Independencia, Tucuman becuase I feel like I still have more to give in this part of the Lord´s viƱa. 

I get my camera this week so my emails with start being interesting again, becuase lets face it, we mostly just look forward for the pictures and dog selfies! 

As my Canadian friend would say
Onward, every onward.
Elder Beary. 
I love you guys
Les amo