Monday, November 2, 2015

The super exciting news first: Nothing happened.  My comp and I are still together trabajando in the same area.
Other than that, a pretty average week here in Argentina. It rained a whole lot and the streets kinda flooded. I went on splits with Elder Barbaran again and I was in his area. They had an activity for mothers day and we went to help serve (eat) the food for them. The 2nd councelor in my ward gave me a really, really nice tie last night. Like, really nice. Today with the jovenes of the barrio we went to Centro and played some pool and arcade basketball, then we went to the church and ping ponged it up like always.

Im excited to still be here in Independencia, Tucuman becuase I feel like I still have more to give in this part of the Lord´s viña. 

I get my camera this week so my emails with start being interesting again, becuase lets face it, we mostly just look forward for the pictures and dog selfies! 

As my Canadian friend would say
Onward, every onward.
Elder Beary. 
I love you guys
Les amo


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