Monday, June 27, 2016

Hey guys
We had a really solid week this week, and we ended it the best way you
can! with a baptism!!!
This week, Tomas got baptized! Tomas has an older brother and sister
who were baptized not too long ago. He is a stud! every time we said
something, or taught him about anything, he would just understand so
perfectly! Sometimes his sister would come out and ask us a question,
and he would answer it, even about the things that we hadn´t even
taught hime yet!
My companion baptized him and it was a really good service. I know
that one day he will be able to bless the lives of others when he
leaves on his own mission, cuz he already wants to go!

Sorry for the short email! Enjoy the pics!

Monday, June 13, 2016

One of those average weeks

tuesday we had a solid family night and a girl from the branch opened up her mission call. Chile, ViƱa del Mar
Wedneday we helped build a house 
Thursday we headed up to our zone conference
Friday was a day of people not coming through on the commitments
Saturday we were able to have an open and frank discussion with one of our investigators and hopefully she will be making some changes real soon
Sunday Tomas came to church, he will be baptized on the 25th of june.

Love yall, sorry for the short email .

Monday, June 6, 2016

It's A Boy!!

MONDAY - After Elder Wood got here, we went and were only able to teach one lesson in their area. we taught Lorgio, he is a `dry member` he cant get married because his current girlfriend can`t get devorced. but he is probably the most faithful member that we have in the branch

TUESDAY - after district meeting, we headed back to the apt. and basically just cleaned!! the apt was kinda dirty, but we did a deep clean to prepare for the arrival of my new comp. then in the night I headed to the mission office (like 3 hours away). got there and caught up with some old friends

WEDENSDAY - in the morning we had a meeting with president Chaparro and talked about our responibilities as trainers. the the new missionaries got there and he paired us off. there were 6 new elderes. 2 americans, 2 latinos, and 2 brazilians. I am with Elder Apolinario. He is from Brazil! then we ate lunch and headed to our area. ran some errands and taught one lesson

THURSDAY - we had a pretty average day looking for some less active members and getting to know better my new comp. The gift of interpretation has been helping me be able to understand what my comp is saying in his heavy portuguese accent. Haha

FRIDAY - the highlight of the day is that we were able to teach the daughter of a recent convert. she is always helping the missionaries and is bascally a member, everybody consideres her mormon. She just has to change a few things and get baptized! then we had an activity in the house of a teenage girl who has recieved her call, but is yet to open it. she recently got home from serving a 3 month mini-mission

SATURDAY - we had a service project in the morning, followed up with making and eating empanadas! The day was then full with more searching for less active members (we have been focusing a lot on reactivation) 

SUNDAY - Tomas didn´t come to church, so it looks like he won`t be able to be baptized this week like he was planning, but other than that, church was great! we had a really great testimony meeting and lunch :) then once again we hit the pavement to look for the members of the branch that don`t go to church! 

Im excited to be with my comp and help him learn how to be a missionary! He is also my first and maybe only companion from Brazil! Ive been learning a few words in portuguese, so ill probably get home and be trilengual! 

I actually didn`t take a single picture this week, so get ready for a lot next time!