Monday, March 30, 2015

Tuesday- meetings in the morning, then we did splits with a few members. Nothing too exciting!

Wednesday- The morning was the wedding of Williams and Gaby! It was a great service and they are super happy! We gave their friend a Book of Mormon during it too!! 

Thursday- We planned in the morning, super exciting.... Williams and Gaby had their interviews for their baptism, and all went peachy! After, we taught Silvias daughter Noelia and a few other lessons.

Friday- Cleaned and filled the font in the morning (4 hours to fill) then went to lunch, turned the font off and went home. I gave Williams a fresh new fade in the afternoon, then we had to wait for the collectivo for about 45 minutes at the end of the night, but a less active family gave us milinesa, so it was all cool.

Saturday- Day #200 in the mission! The weather was remarkable, nice and sunny, but with just enough breeze to keep the heat away. It felt like sunny St. George. Had lunch with the Ruiz Morenos (first converts) after we cleaned the church. The baptism was scheduled for 5, but they didn´t show up until about 5:45. The service was great though! They worked hard to get married and quit smoking so they could reach their goal to be baptized on the 28th! We had the mindset of ¨we can reach your goal¨not uou can reach it¨ I think that helped a lot!

Sunday- They werent confirmed because their house got broken into and they were taking care of that. Taught a few lessons then found a really solid new investigator through street contacting. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday we had the reunion with the President. We talked about consecrating ourselves to the Lord and his work. It was solid. Elder Trollip the AP shared the story in Matthew 19. Where the kid asks what he needs to do to recieve eternal life and jesus says to keep the commandments. then we focused on the question in verse 20 ¿Que mas mi falta?¨ What else to we need to do to recieve salvations.

Wednesday we worked hard and got 2 new investigators that are solid

(lady that owns the internet place is playing Hotel California, currently enjoying life)

Thursday we planned and the Zone Leaders showed up. Set a date for the 4th with Silvias daughter Noelia. We also learned how to help members give away books of mormon confidently on tuesday, so thursday we passed by gisella ruiz moreno and did a practice with her. it was solid. then she told us how they have lost like 3 kids and that the gosple has really helped and changed their life. Also went to brisas. shes doing great. the mom still wont let her get baptized thought.

(changed Hotel California to the spanish version...)

Friday was really hot and not very successful.

Saturday we visited a few people then cleaned the church. Gabriela Umao was baptized! It was awesome. I didn´t really feel like she was my investigator. I was there for all but like 2 lessons. but we teach in a way that is fast and we dont really grow relationships too strongly with them. I don´t like it. Elder Tafur is always worried about time, but the investagtors are more important.

Sunday was normal. In the night we passed by a refrence that we contacted las week. 2nd time teaching her and she accepted a date and prayed to be baptized. She is about 18 and her daughter died. She loved the Plan of Salvation and is awesome!

Today we went to a different city and played soccer and ate stake. It was a solid time. 

Sad realization this week. Fun saying in english donĂ‚´t hold the same significance in spanish. pero igual, todo es duraznos aqui in Argentina!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hit my 6 month mark this week. Wow. Lots of thoughts about it that were summed up by my good buddy Trevor Mathews ¨I realized that tomorrow, I complete 6 months. That´s a fourth of my mission. And I still don´t really feel like I´ve done all that much... I´m not working nearly as hard as I could be. I don´t know how to explain what I´m feeling, but I think I´m having sort of a mission mid-life crisis... I´m ready to change some stuff. I have so much more I can give that I´m holding back from the Lord. This isn´t my time right now, this is His. I´ve been selfish, and that needs to change. I´ve been lazy, and that needs to change. I need to change, gosh dang it. I need more testimony and more faith, I dont have enough. I need to fast more. I need to learn how to pray.  I need to get better.  I know that Ill get better and lose myself more in the work!!

This week was kinda slow
Our investigatorss Williams and Gaby, theyve been investigating forever, are finally getting married next week! They are going to be baptized next saturday!
Gabriella, She is in a wheelchair, is progressing rapidly, and her baptism is this saturday!
We have been looking for a new place to live, because the owner wants a lot of money!
There is a lady in our ward that served her mission in Temple Square, we were talking to her this week during service, and she said that after her mission, she went back to utah for 5 years, and she lived in Spanish Fork!!! We talked about how awesome America/Utah/Spanish fork is during lunch!
One of our investigators, Franco, told us that he almost got robbed the other night. He was on his bulletbike (really nice) and a guy came up with a gun and tried to rob him. Long story short, Franco hit him with his helmet and got out of there! 
I went on splits with Elder Blake the other day. His Uncle was my Stake President in Carrollton Texas. That was a good time! He almost broke a chair and fell during a lesson, and he said Closo (not a word), not Casi (meaning close) He has 21 Months in the mission and he is still mixing up with English! 

Got home from devisions and the apartment was covered in water because Elder Tafur unplugged the fridge the night before..... Water got in my dirty laundry, and my blue laundry bag bled onto my clothes, so I had to do Laundry!
To be spiritual by stealing words from my Best Friend Elder Iongi, ¨Even though We went through all this Trouble and suffered a lot... We NEED TO STOP AND THINK... JESUS CHRIST suffered MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE!!
Without him we wouldnt have the chance to return to our Heavenly father! I KNOW without a doubt that He is my Savior and Redeemer, Through him I can be forgiven of ALL my sins and Return to live with my family for eternity.
 My message to ALLL is that Life may be rough...All we need to do is think of our OWN OLDER BROTHER, Jesus Christ. Think of all the AGONY he felt in the Garden of Gethsemany, Think of the Scourging, Think of the Crown of Thorns he had to wear, Think of When he carried his very own cross to the place where he was prepared to Die, and Think of when he suffered on the Cross. HE DID ALLLLL OF THAT for US! ... For Me, For EACH AND EVERYONE of you! ... Never Feel bad, sad , or Hopeless... Jesus IS ALWAYS WITH You... I testify ALL these things and KNOW that they are ALL true, In His name, Jesus Christ, Amen.
I love you guys and leave you with a talk from Conference Oct. 2013

Monday, March 9, 2015

Tuesday during sleep time, it POURED rain for like 5 hours. and we woke up to the streets absolutly flooded, luckily, only a little bit of water came in the house through the window. Unluckily for the other neighbors, they were filled with water. We left in the morning and helped a few people take out water and clean.
Wednesday, we visited a less active family that everybody tells us to visit. the dad was the branch president before they moved here, and theyve been inactive for a while. They came to church this week though!
Thursday we went on splits in the night with 2 members. I was with my convert Hno. Ruiz. It was hard to be in charge and teach basically the whole lesson, but i did it!
Friday we had a zone training and we talked about working better with recent converts. That was good and full of info.
Saturday we did service for Luciano. His wife had their baby on friday, so we cleaned up the house, then ate pizza. In the night Hno. Ledesma came with us to teach, we had a solid lesson with a new investgator and then visited a few less actives. We visted a crazy lady that didn´t want to read in the scriptures to answer one of her questions. 
Sunday we had 3 investigator at church, then had a lesson with William and Gaby about reaching goals. They want to be baptized next saturday, but they still have to get married and quit smoking. But its possible!!
Nothing else too special, enjoy the pics of the water.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lots of walking. Area is huge!! In the mornings, we cover one part, and in the nights the other. We are hoping to get bikes this week. That will be awesome!

Tuesday we had a district meeting. One Elder was talking about prayer and he said ¨Orar con fe, amor, y con ganas a sentir mas cerca a Dios.¨ Solid

Wednesday I wasn´t feeling so hot. It was also pouring rain for like three days this week, and maybe again tonight!

Thursday for planning, we basically just set days and times for each area, then planned seperate and swapped names at the end. Also and the end of the night we contacted a guy, he used to live in Dallas, so we talked english. Im pretty sure my comp was jealous

Friday We had a member Hno. Roldon come with us to my area, he used to go on splits with the elders in my area, but not for a long time, so I let him choose where we go. We visited a lot of good less active families. One family said that they were just talking about figuring out a way to go back to church, then we showed up! (They didnĂ‚´t come to church....) Then we waited for the collectivo to go home for over an hour and I contacted another person in english!

Saturday in the morning we were in the other area, about to go to mine, but the spirit led me to a references house. She wasn´t too interested, but at the end she was crying. Nice. Then we taught Celste (good investigator, hard to find) the 10 commandments. we are planning for the 14th for her baptism. She told us that her birthday is the 15th, so I told her that at church, we would give her the greatest gift she will ever receive, and its called the Holy Ghost, then I invited her to be baptized! she was surprised and laughing, it was funny, but then it got serious and we talking about how we can get any answer through prayer. So she prayed and was crying.
The spirit guided me a lot that day, wow im so worthy. 

Sunday we were in his area, and we had been to this house he was trying to find once, and it was beacuse we were lost a different day and ended up there. He pulled out his map and was trying to figure out where we were for like 5 minutes. I kept telling him ¨its over here, its over here¨ then finally he followed me and I got us there. Ive been there once and I already know his area better than him. My internal navigation is real. Also, he was using a flashlight to walk, and as i was making fun of him and trying to pass him, i slipped in mud. But i didn´t fall, just slipped a little...

Thats basically my week. Hope you guys have a solid week. Also, happy birtday to Jess, and Goodluck Kaitlin as you enter the MTC on Wednesday!