Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lots of walking. Area is huge!! In the mornings, we cover one part, and in the nights the other. We are hoping to get bikes this week. That will be awesome!

Tuesday we had a district meeting. One Elder was talking about prayer and he said ¨Orar con fe, amor, y con ganas a sentir mas cerca a Dios.¨ Solid

Wednesday I wasn´t feeling so hot. It was also pouring rain for like three days this week, and maybe again tonight!

Thursday for planning, we basically just set days and times for each area, then planned seperate and swapped names at the end. Also and the end of the night we contacted a guy, he used to live in Dallas, so we talked english. Im pretty sure my comp was jealous

Friday We had a member Hno. Roldon come with us to my area, he used to go on splits with the elders in my area, but not for a long time, so I let him choose where we go. We visited a lot of good less active families. One family said that they were just talking about figuring out a way to go back to church, then we showed up! (They didnĂ‚´t come to church....) Then we waited for the collectivo to go home for over an hour and I contacted another person in english!

Saturday in the morning we were in the other area, about to go to mine, but the spirit led me to a references house. She wasn´t too interested, but at the end she was crying. Nice. Then we taught Celste (good investigator, hard to find) the 10 commandments. we are planning for the 14th for her baptism. She told us that her birthday is the 15th, so I told her that at church, we would give her the greatest gift she will ever receive, and its called the Holy Ghost, then I invited her to be baptized! she was surprised and laughing, it was funny, but then it got serious and we talking about how we can get any answer through prayer. So she prayed and was crying.
The spirit guided me a lot that day, wow im so worthy. 

Sunday we were in his area, and we had been to this house he was trying to find once, and it was beacuse we were lost a different day and ended up there. He pulled out his map and was trying to figure out where we were for like 5 minutes. I kept telling him ¨its over here, its over here¨ then finally he followed me and I got us there. Ive been there once and I already know his area better than him. My internal navigation is real. Also, he was using a flashlight to walk, and as i was making fun of him and trying to pass him, i slipped in mud. But i didn´t fall, just slipped a little...

Thats basically my week. Hope you guys have a solid week. Also, happy birtday to Jess, and Goodluck Kaitlin as you enter the MTC on Wednesday!

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