Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My week goes as follows...

Nothing too notable during the begining of the week. I watched a video from a Jeffery R Holland talk about the atonement and it was remarkable.
a few quotes from it were - about mission work
¨Why is it so hard. cant it be easier? Someone a lot better than us has already asked that question.¨Why would this work be easy if it was NEVER easy for Him? "If we get shut down, spit on, or rejected, we shouldnt hang our head and feel bad. We are in the same situation as the greatest missionary that ever was on this earth.

We contacted a lady that works at ChangoMas (WalMart) last week, and she is awesome. Her name is Isabel. We did service for her last week and painted her whole kitchen from green to white. She is fun and really nice, then yesterday she said, ¨I want to be a mormon¨

Friday, we had a ¨white storm¨ in one of the areas. basically all of the missionaries go to this one area and work. We went with a member (Gaby 19, waiting for mission call) to visit a menos activo. We got about a block out, and two guys flew past on a motorcycle and tried to rip his backpack off. He almost fell to the ground and somehow hurt his foot. Wow. What a start, we went back to the church, left his backpack, and continued on. Trooper!

Transfers; Elder Hogge (lived with him the whole time) got transfered to tucuman. also my companion, Elder Iongi, got transfered to Oran! WHAT? only one transfer with my favorite companion. In other news, Elder Hogges companion, Elder Tafur (we dont get along too well), and I are now companions. Which means that they merged our two areas, and now we are the only 2 missionaries in the ward. I already thought that my area was the biggest in the mission, now I don´t have a single doubt. If we don´t get bikes, we might die. but, im still here in Santiago.

Shout out to Elder Iongi and Elder Hogge for keeping it real these last few transfers, Imma miss you guys.

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