Monday, February 9, 2015

Nothing our of the ordinary this week. I forgot my Journal, so i cant get into the details and the little things that happened, but the biggest thing that happened is a baptism!

Friday, we had to go to a place called La Banda (45 min) to get the baptism gown for Gisela, we found an awesome park and obviously played on it for a little bit. 
notice (Reserved for handicapped) sign behind elder Iongi, he had no Idea. lol.
We had to clean the chaple twice because after we cleaned friday, they had some sort of relif society thing, and made it dirty, so we cleanned again Saturday. The baptism was awesome, Hno. Rolondo Ruiz (my first convert) Baptized his son Nahuel, and wife Gisela. It was awesome seeing them all come together! Before they went in, Nahuel was nervous, so they knelt in prayer outside of the font! It all went good. They both had to be baptized twice, but they were baptized!! 

Sunday, we took the colectivo to an investigators house (Brisa, she is being baptized this Saturday) and there was a guy KNOCKED OUT! he was covered in paint, probably drunk, and definitly was partying the night before. When we got off the collectivo, about 5 minutes later we saw him walking back, retracing the collectivo route. He missed his stop. lol it was fun to watch. 

Nothing else really, enjoy the picture of the dog, even they think its way to hot here. :)

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