Saturday, February 7, 2015

Just in case you guys thought i was kidding everytime i talk about how hot it is here... http://www.diariopanorama.com/seccion/locales_13/racord-santiago-la-ciudad-mas-calurosa-de l-mundo_a_184250

As for the week goes.. Ive kinda forgot.
We have been working (sweating) hard. We had divisions at one point, I was with elder tafur, the district leader. I don´t like him very much so it was a long day. but we got two fechas (baptism dates) that day. he doesnt try to build relationships with people when he teaches or contacts, so it was difficult.
the next day he went on divisions with the zone leaders, and when he got back, after about 2 minutes he was already getting mad at us for something. He always corrects everyword i say wrong in spanish, and i have told him multiple times how much i hate it, so as i was explaining it again, he was correcting me. That didn´t go over well.
Other than that, my companion is still aweome, we love eachother and are hoping for another transfer together.
On sunday, we got 66 contacts in the street. That was awesome, a lot of people sit outside with their families on sundays.
Then on monday we went to a soccer field with the other elders in the zone and played soccer, basketball, and ate steak. Then elder hogge and i found out we had to go to salta to finish our papers that day. so we hopped on the collectivo and took the 1 hour journey home to get ready. We finished our papers and wont have to go back to salta, so thats good. Nahuel (Ruiz morenos son) is doing awesome. we finished the lessons with him today and i gave him a ´stories of the book of mormon´ book to read. They are super ready for this saturday!!
Other than that, nothing too exciting.
Love you guys.
#MakeItRain (Peso edition)

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