Monday, August 31, 2015

Ill write next week. But enjoy some enjoyable pics 

funny liahona article.

bryans baptism.


the street is spelled wrong

my comp ¨studying¨

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Week

I don't have too much time so I´ll hit the highlights.

Tuesday I got a fresh new fade (haircut) and my comp lost his plaque. After 20 minutes of searching we found it broken in the middle of the road, now every time we pass that corner, he puts his hand on his plaque from prevent it from jumping off of his sweater. Also we found a golden investigator named Jonathan and I had my first sandwich de milinesa from Tucuman.

Wednesday morning the sheets were real heavy, hard to get up. I saved a dog from getting torn apart, Tried malta (coffee substitute) average. and Alejandro had his Batpism Interview.

Thursday we had our conference with the Pres. took my shoes to the shoe repair, and my comp almost got hit by like 6 cars

Friday when my comp shared his spiritual thought during lunch, all four of the people present had their eyes closed and were sleeping (me included, oops) He also pulled out a donut in the middle of a lesson. He just doesn´t understand

Saturday we had calzones for lunch and they were great! went to a different area to do a baptism. My comp baptized the mom of one of his converts. Then we had our baptism of Alejandro. He said ¨It feels good knowing that Ive been baptized in the true Church¨ Yeah, hes awesome I know. also everything kinda started late so I had some time to teach the j√≥venes how to play ping pong!

Sunday Alejandro chose me to confirm him and boy was I nervous. First time Ive confirmed anybody. Then lunch was good, 2 RM´s shared mission stories for like 2 hours and then in the afternoon a less active lady sewed my backpack! 

Today we went and played more futbol and then I bought 4 ties. (oops, mom send more) 

Monday, August 17, 2015

For the week

Got here late monday afternoon and found a new kid named Bryan. He is the nephew of an active family, we had a solid lesson with him and invited him to be baptized on the 29th. All of this while eating dinner too! 

Tuesday I continued putting stuff away in the morning and then we had our district meeting. There are 8 in my district and we have Hermanas! Straingt to lunch then straight to work.Just getting to know the members and investigators, and obviously showing magic to the kids in the street! 

Wednesday we went to ChangoMas to buy some food. then we worked in the other part of our area. (This area used to be two different areas, but in April the joined into 1 ward) We had a few lessons that didn´t go so hot (info at the end) and 1 with Alejandro. ended the night with our Ward council

Thursday was a good planning session. met more members and another lesson with bryan. I also found Secco Tradicional. (Best soda in the mission that is only sold in Sangiago (my first area)) So that was super awesome

Friday I kinda got robbed, sorta. We were on the colectivo and it was PACKED. I felt something behind me and I looked to my side and a lady was staring at me with wide eyes, so I looked behind me and some homie had my Hymn book. Then he said, ´oh, this is yours´ Oh really? is that why it was in my backpack.....? (Tucuman is the most dangerous of the 4 parts in my mission) Then had lunch with a sweet family. They have a son Isias that has Downs Syndrom and the mom told me a few days before, that if he doesn´t want to talk to me or shake my hand, to not be offended. But right when I got there he was super happy and we became best friends! He gave me a giant hug and it was awesome! Then we had a lesson with Matias (Got baptized the week before I arrived.) He got baptized early because he felt like he was ready, and he was. But he still doesn´t have all of the teachings, so hes struggling a little with some doubts and trials. Then another Less active lady that has lots of potential. Then I met Gaspar and had a lesson with him. 

Saturday we went up to the roof and there was a pool of water leaking into our bachelor pad, so we took care of that. Lack of planning left us with a 2 hour window for contacting... Fun. But found 1 old investigator and had a good lesson with her. Then walked a lot, and a lot more, then returned a whole lot to teach Bryan again. 

Sunday was real good. Got to church and the chapel is HUGH. bigger than a lot of stake center is the good ol US of A. and had a good block of meetings where the elders weren´t in charge of everything! all 3 of our solid investigators were there, which means they are still on track to get baptized. In the tarde we had 4 lessons with less actives and our ward mission leader came with us. I like it when areas are organized, it´s awesome! 

My comp:  He teaches the lesson alone and doesn´t give me windows to talk or testify, and he teaches sincerely, but he doesn´t quite go down to the investigator to help them up, rather he tries to pull them to where he is at. (example. found a new investigator and he was testifying about commandments and things mentioning Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, with out explaing who and what they are.)  He walks slow and doesn´t let me know where we are going, so ill look behind me for him and he is half way down a different block! But I´m learning a lot of patience and he is trying (work in process) to give me more time in lessons and to not cut me off when im teaching.

Alejandro! He is about 35-40. His mom and sister are members less active. He has been investigating for a while and has a strong testimony of everything, he just doesn´t want to screw up after baptism. But he is all set and ready to go for THIS SATURDAY. We are visiting him tonight to get everything finalized. 

Bryan- a 10 year old kid that lives next door to his Aunt and Uncle that are members. Has a lot of knowlege about the stories from the Bible, loves the church, and already has permission from his dad to be baptized on the 29th! 

Gaspar- a 9 year old Grandson of a really strong member and son of a less active family. Unlike Bryan, he struggles with understanding some of the doctrine, but he gets it. He also loves going to church with his family. I want to work on his dad to get active, that way maybe he can do the baptism next week! 

Pray for us, and our investigators. Pray that I will get a lot of patience, and soon! All is good here in Tucuman! 

Love Elder Beary! 

To explain the pics

the sunrise from my apt.

my reaction to having a chapel again

trying to recover the ink on a blank card I got

theres a chineese restaurant here. #Heaven

My comp Elder Mahowski

If you look close enough theres a dead dog

classic dog selfie

Cup of noodles

kinda looks like me

My last week in Yuto was just like every week in Yuto.  We had our Zone Training and learned about the same thing we usually learn about. Us as missionaries learn about the same thing every conference. Why? Because nobody every applies it to the work like they should. Therefore, when another conference comes around, we learn about applying the same things we didn´t apply last time. Its a giant circle. 
Saturday our branch had a baptism. He chose me to baptize him, and my comp confirmed him. It was good and followed by lunch, so thats great! 
My last Sunday in Yuto about sums up Yuto for you guys
It was voting day for the president of argentina so we had 9 people in church to start the reunion. During the talks, the power went out, finished the hour and sent everybody home... Then at about 5 I got word that I was going to be transfered, so I spent a few hours packing, then went to say bye to everybody. When we left in the night, it randomly started pouring rain. Im talking gatos y perros. It was crazy! 

But yeah, that was Yuto. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Hey Team

Ill write good next week, just wanted to let everybody know that I got transfered to my 3rd area! Im in Independencia, Tucuman. Now I know all of the states but Salta! 
Good luck in everything this week

Stay golden

-Elder Beary! 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Early in the week I went on splits with elder Fuga. Didn´t do too much cuz we had Ward family night, but it´s always a good time being with that guy. Also, a member gave us chicken strips for lunch. Wow, wheres the ranch? 

It´s been super hot here in Yuto, and our fan burnt out like 3 months ago, so I haven´t been sleeping so hot (or ive been sleeping really hot, depends how you read it) But I bought a fan the other day, so we should be good now! 

We entered August this week, wow. My boy Ivan Brooks got engaged. (Called it). 

Church got moved from 9-12 to 9-12, but starting with sacrament meeting, we surprisingly had 22 people there! 
Ive been complaining about an ingrown toenail for like 2 weeks, and a member wanted to see it. I showed him and he said it was a bug that entered into my toe and laid eggs, so thats fun. He did some basic surgery and removed it for me. (Don´t worry, I left out all of the gross pics. Let me know if you want to see them!) 

We´ve been on a hunt for a good place that sells Milanesa sandwiches because we are tired of the place we go to, but so far we haven´t had any luck.

For P-day we went to the Rio. It was cool. Pics to come. 

I finally got my bike back and it lasted a whole 3 hours before the peddle fell off....... Its okay though, our butts already hurt alot from the 3 hours we were using them.

a few quotes i like to finish off the day

¨You should smile once more when your tears are dried
meet trouble and swiftly rout it
for fait is the strenght of the soul inside
and lost is the man without it¨

¨Christ has no hands but our hands
To do His work today.
He has no feet but our feet
To lead men in His way.
He has no tounge but our tounges
To tell men how He died.
He has no help but our help
To lead men to His side.
What if our hands are busy
With other work than His?
What if our feet are walking
Where sin´s allurement is?
What if our tounges are speaking
Of things His lips would spurn?
How can we hope to help Him

Or hasten His return?¨

P-Day Rio