Monday, August 24, 2015

The Week

I don't have too much time so I´ll hit the highlights.

Tuesday I got a fresh new fade (haircut) and my comp lost his plaque. After 20 minutes of searching we found it broken in the middle of the road, now every time we pass that corner, he puts his hand on his plaque from prevent it from jumping off of his sweater. Also we found a golden investigator named Jonathan and I had my first sandwich de milinesa from Tucuman.

Wednesday morning the sheets were real heavy, hard to get up. I saved a dog from getting torn apart, Tried malta (coffee substitute) average. and Alejandro had his Batpism Interview.

Thursday we had our conference with the Pres. took my shoes to the shoe repair, and my comp almost got hit by like 6 cars

Friday when my comp shared his spiritual thought during lunch, all four of the people present had their eyes closed and were sleeping (me included, oops) He also pulled out a donut in the middle of a lesson. He just doesn´t understand

Saturday we had calzones for lunch and they were great! went to a different area to do a baptism. My comp baptized the mom of one of his converts. Then we had our baptism of Alejandro. He said ¨It feels good knowing that Ive been baptized in the true Church¨ Yeah, hes awesome I know. also everything kinda started late so I had some time to teach the jóvenes how to play ping pong!

Sunday Alejandro chose me to confirm him and boy was I nervous. First time Ive confirmed anybody. Then lunch was good, 2 RM´s shared mission stories for like 2 hours and then in the afternoon a less active lady sewed my backpack! 

Today we went and played more futbol and then I bought 4 ties. (oops, mom send more) 

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