Monday, August 17, 2015

My last week in Yuto was just like every week in Yuto.  We had our Zone Training and learned about the same thing we usually learn about. Us as missionaries learn about the same thing every conference. Why? Because nobody every applies it to the work like they should. Therefore, when another conference comes around, we learn about applying the same things we didn´t apply last time. Its a giant circle. 
Saturday our branch had a baptism. He chose me to baptize him, and my comp confirmed him. It was good and followed by lunch, so thats great! 
My last Sunday in Yuto about sums up Yuto for you guys
It was voting day for the president of argentina so we had 9 people in church to start the reunion. During the talks, the power went out, finished the hour and sent everybody home... Then at about 5 I got word that I was going to be transfered, so I spent a few hours packing, then went to say bye to everybody. When we left in the night, it randomly started pouring rain. Im talking gatos y perros. It was crazy! 

But yeah, that was Yuto. 

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