Monday, April 25, 2016

Well I cant put a clever caption, idk what happened to my computer. Lets just hope we make it out of here before I lose all of my progress! 

This week was pretty solid. I want to talk about two things that I have realized this week! Lots of revelation and recognition.. (Im pretty sure that half of those words are spelled wrong. I forgot how to spell) 

First. To be self-sufficient. The church is putting a lot of emphesis on this. And its important! In my last week in Salta, we were on the bus headed home, and on the busses, you have to pay with a card, and a ticket will print out as a recipt. Well, this bus had ran out of paper, and the people had ran out of brains... We were on the bus for about 10 minutes watching the people get on. Everytime that the people got on the bus, the driver would tell them that there wasn`t any paper, but maybe they couldn`t hear, or that they weren`t paying attention, cuz only like 15% of the people understood. It was truly sad. There was a man that paid 5 TIMES before he understood what was going on! (side note, its not like you need the ticket or anything, the people are just used to it. the machine lights up with a bit green check mark when you pay) and everysingle person paid, and would put their hand where the recipt comes out, and wait, and wait, then tell the bus driver that he had ran out of paper.. 1 lady said thank you after the bus driver warned her that their wasn`t paper, then paid, waited for her recipt, paid again, and complained to the bus driver, and sat right in front of us. for the next 5 minutes she was complaining that she had to pay 2 times and she would yell to everybody that got on that there wasn`t any recipt paper.  My faith in humanity is slowly fading away.. 

Second. The hand of God! I was thinking today about how much God was preparing me to come to this area. when I got here, I was already ready. I didn`t have to go through that slow week of learning. I knew where the things were and where some people lived. So it was easy to just get going and work! Ive been able to help my companion a lot in this aspect. to know where things are in the middle of the city, to be able to buy stuff and pay for our bills, ect. They are small and simple things, but its true, God prepared me a lot to come here and just be able to work! When I was in Yuto and we had to do a lot of splits, I didn`t completly know why and it was annoying.. But now it all makes sense and I`m sure it will make even more sense the further down the road that we go.! 

Pics! Enjoy! 

They call all of the northamericans Yankees.

Elder(Daddy Yankee) Beary

Monday, April 18, 2016

Transfer Week

To get the big news out of the way, Yes, I have been transfered! I don`t expect you guys to remember my second area, Yuto, Jujuy. (ill put some pics to help you remember) But ive returned! Not to Yuto, but to it`s neighboring city. The city of Ledesma. We are in the same district as Yuto, so its kinda weird getting to a new area and already knowing a large part of it. I have worked here like 5 or 6 times as we did splits in my other area. 

My new companion is elder Miller. He is from Arizona. This is my first official American companion. (sorry, but Elder Iongi, my 2nd comp, doesnt count. hes Tongan) He is pretty new in the mission, he only has about 6 months. He started the mission in Tucuman, as I was there, our ward went to the same building, so we already knew eachother.
We also live with 2 other Elders. Elder Milne (Minnesota) and Elder Henrique (Chile) This is the first time since my first area that I live with another pair of missionaries. 

This will most likely be my last area because ive only got 6 more months! Its weird that im starting my `lasts` already! 

As for my last week in my last area. It was good! I cant remember too much and I forgot my journal so ill just have to remember... We were able to work hard, and we found 10 new investigators that seem to be promising. Ill miss Rosario de Lerma and the friends I made there! 

Im trying to keep a positive attitude coming into my last area. Ive heard that it has changed a lot, for the better, since I have last been here. So im pretty excited to help it keep growing! 

Thats it for all now! for those who skipped all of the words just for the pics, here you go.

1-6 Yuto
7 Elder Iongi (my not american, american comp) 
8-11 Last week in Rosario

12 New roomies! (my comp is the short white one) 

Monday, April 11, 2016

¨...a toda creatura¨

Tuesday was a pretty relaxed day. We were able to teach Natalia again and verify her progress for next saturday! 

Wednesday was another pretty slow day. lots of searching for people to teach and lots of contacting. 

Thursday we had a Zone training. It was pretty good. Learned lots of good stuff to be able to apply in my area

Friday after we planned and studdied, a member from a different area came to repair our pension. He said it wouldn´t take too long, but he ended up taking the whole night! But I was able to finish the Book of Mormon! 

Saturday we had another normal day on the grind. looking for people to teach and trying to meet with the less actives

Sunday none of our investigators came. Thats always annoying and dissapointing. Lunch was really far away so that put us a little behind for the day. But we were able to finish off strong with a Family Night with a young couple that are trying to be less lazy and do the things right! 

Today we went to the cerro San Bernardo! (Pics attached) 

Monday, April 4, 2016

6 Month Alert!

Get ready for another boring email from Elder Beary, or scroll down to the bottom to see the pics. Your choice

This week was a lot of travel, and not to much work. But here we go

Monday- We just stayed around for Pday and did´t do too much, but then had a pretty good lesson with a young activating family. And they gave us pizza, so it was obviously solid

Tuesday- We had an average District meeting in the morning followed up with the usual 1 Hour and 15 minute bus ride back to our area. Ended the night with a dinner appointment with the Arancibia family (dad is coming back to church, and his wife, Natalia, has been investigating for like 8 years) 

Wednesday- In the morning we had Interviews with the President. Those are always solid! It´s always nice to get personal advice and encouragement from President Chaparro. Then in the afternoon we were able to visit the Mansilla family to share God´s plan of salvation to her son and neighbor.

Thursday- We had a service project in the afternoon and we were able to help a family from a different village move. Lots of heavy lifting and sore forearms. Then headed to a house of some recient converts (4 boys. 15, 13, 11, and 9) and thats always an adventure. 

Friday- Visited the Arancibias again and we watched the Restoration movie and Natalia accepted a baptismal date for the 23rd of April! Then there was an activity for the Elders Corom in the church so we headed up to show some of the Argentines how to play ping pong.

Saturday- Due to the long travel, our whole day was filled with General Conference. But we weren´t able to stay for the Priesthood session cuz it started at 9 and we wouldn´t have gotten home until like 12:30..

Sunday- Another long and satisfying day of conference, and thanks to the only 2 sister missionaries in the zone, we kept the tradition alive with the Cinnamon Rolls!! 

Ps. Yes Elder Holland, You and the 1 hour bus ride were the only things between me and my ice cream that was in the freezer with my name written all over it! 

We moved all of their stuff, so he just took a little snoozer on the counter
The bus system
New Bikes!
Conference (english room)
Cinnamon Rolls!!!!!! 
Lunch with the Branch during conference
Elder Threet fell asleep

Pday with Enzo!