Monday, April 18, 2016

Transfer Week

To get the big news out of the way, Yes, I have been transfered! I don`t expect you guys to remember my second area, Yuto, Jujuy. (ill put some pics to help you remember) But ive returned! Not to Yuto, but to it`s neighboring city. The city of Ledesma. We are in the same district as Yuto, so its kinda weird getting to a new area and already knowing a large part of it. I have worked here like 5 or 6 times as we did splits in my other area. 

My new companion is elder Miller. He is from Arizona. This is my first official American companion. (sorry, but Elder Iongi, my 2nd comp, doesnt count. hes Tongan) He is pretty new in the mission, he only has about 6 months. He started the mission in Tucuman, as I was there, our ward went to the same building, so we already knew eachother.
We also live with 2 other Elders. Elder Milne (Minnesota) and Elder Henrique (Chile) This is the first time since my first area that I live with another pair of missionaries. 

This will most likely be my last area because ive only got 6 more months! Its weird that im starting my `lasts` already! 

As for my last week in my last area. It was good! I cant remember too much and I forgot my journal so ill just have to remember... We were able to work hard, and we found 10 new investigators that seem to be promising. Ill miss Rosario de Lerma and the friends I made there! 

Im trying to keep a positive attitude coming into my last area. Ive heard that it has changed a lot, for the better, since I have last been here. So im pretty excited to help it keep growing! 

Thats it for all now! for those who skipped all of the words just for the pics, here you go.

1-6 Yuto
7 Elder Iongi (my not american, american comp) 
8-11 Last week in Rosario

12 New roomies! (my comp is the short white one) 

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