Monday, April 11, 2016

¨...a toda creatura¨

Tuesday was a pretty relaxed day. We were able to teach Natalia again and verify her progress for next saturday! 

Wednesday was another pretty slow day. lots of searching for people to teach and lots of contacting. 

Thursday we had a Zone training. It was pretty good. Learned lots of good stuff to be able to apply in my area

Friday after we planned and studdied, a member from a different area came to repair our pension. He said it wouldn´t take too long, but he ended up taking the whole night! But I was able to finish the Book of Mormon! 

Saturday we had another normal day on the grind. looking for people to teach and trying to meet with the less actives

Sunday none of our investigators came. Thats always annoying and dissapointing. Lunch was really far away so that put us a little behind for the day. But we were able to finish off strong with a Family Night with a young couple that are trying to be less lazy and do the things right! 

Today we went to the cerro San Bernardo! (Pics attached) 

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