Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My week goes as follows...

Nothing too notable during the begining of the week. I watched a video from a Jeffery R Holland talk about the atonement and it was remarkable.
a few quotes from it were - about mission work
¨Why is it so hard. cant it be easier? Someone a lot better than us has already asked that question.¨Why would this work be easy if it was NEVER easy for Him? "If we get shut down, spit on, or rejected, we shouldnt hang our head and feel bad. We are in the same situation as the greatest missionary that ever was on this earth.

We contacted a lady that works at ChangoMas (WalMart) last week, and she is awesome. Her name is Isabel. We did service for her last week and painted her whole kitchen from green to white. She is fun and really nice, then yesterday she said, ¨I want to be a mormon¨

Friday, we had a ¨white storm¨ in one of the areas. basically all of the missionaries go to this one area and work. We went with a member (Gaby 19, waiting for mission call) to visit a menos activo. We got about a block out, and two guys flew past on a motorcycle and tried to rip his backpack off. He almost fell to the ground and somehow hurt his foot. Wow. What a start, we went back to the church, left his backpack, and continued on. Trooper!

Transfers; Elder Hogge (lived with him the whole time) got transfered to tucuman. also my companion, Elder Iongi, got transfered to Oran! WHAT? only one transfer with my favorite companion. In other news, Elder Hogges companion, Elder Tafur (we dont get along too well), and I are now companions. Which means that they merged our two areas, and now we are the only 2 missionaries in the ward. I already thought that my area was the biggest in the mission, now I don´t have a single doubt. If we don´t get bikes, we might die. but, im still here in Santiago.

Shout out to Elder Iongi and Elder Hogge for keeping it real these last few transfers, Imma miss you guys.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Started out a strong week. Tuesday we had a good lesson with Brisa and filled out her ´ficha´ (Paper for baptism) and bought a milinesa sandwich

Wednesday we cleaned the church a little bit for the baptism, and only had one lesson with Silvia, our recent convert, and bought a milinesa sandwich.

Thursday we went and filled up the font in the church for the baptism, planned, taught lessons with Celeste (really good progressing investagador) did the ChuChuUa (Link from her, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umOCLJgZQYI) and Brisa. We went over the baptism questions for her interview, and her mom didn´t sign the ficha. we also got home 45 minutes late because the consistancy of the colectivos kinda suck. DIDNT BUY A MILINESA SANDWICH

Friday we had a zone training about ´How to reach our goals´ that was really good and informative. We went to Brisas for her interview, and she was sleeping, and her sister wouldn´t let us wake her up, So we went and taught a lesson to Silvias daughter, she wants to be baptized now! :) Then went back to brisas and she wasn´t home. Taught a less active family, and went back to brisas, still wasnt home, so we waited. after about 40 minutes, we went home. We didn´t have any contact with her that day, text, call, face to face, nothing. Yes, we got milinesa sandwiches.

Saturday... Di­a de amor, di­a de triste (sad) Went to Brisas in the morning and talked, she was scared to be baptized, she was afraid that after, she would get sick, or something else bad would happen. we had about an 1hr15min lesson with her getting rid of her doubts and fears about baptism. Elder Iongi and I taught, testified, and shared scriptures with her. She was ready and excited. So we set up a time to do the interview at 5. Came back after lunch and studies for the interview, and she was sleeping again UGH! the mom wouldnt wake her up and told us to come back a different day, we went on splits, and i stayed with the DL in my area, we contacted for an hour and went back to Brisas. We found her and talked to her, she said her mom didn´t want her to be baptized. After some convincing, we were able to talk to her mom. It wasn´t great, we testified about how ready her daughter was, and how great of a choice she was making, but the mom wouldn´t let anything change the fact that they are a Catholic family. We comited her to pray and ask God if this was his will for Brisa to be baptized, but I don´t think she will. Talked to brisa after, and let her know that this doesn´t change the fact that she is doing the right things with her life. She will be baptized, i just dont know when.
we got home and there was a huge party going on right outside of our house! they call it ¨carnival¨ It was loud, and there were a lot of people, and food carts. Yes we bought milinesa sandwiches.

Sunday, 0 investigadors came to church, then taught 2 or 3 lessons

Pday, didn´t get to email because the place was packed the whole day. but we talked to a lady that works at ChangoMas, and she seems promising. We are teaching her tonight! 

Today, we had district meeting, and a solid lunch with hermana Avila (less active because of health, she is the sweetest lady, and cooks amazingly)

Transfers are next week, this could possibly be my last week in Santiago, hoping for another one. I want to finish things off with some of our really good investigadors, Elder Iongi, and Brisa. But whatever happens, im ready to ¨let go and let God¨

*We play a game that if you shoot a person while having eye contact with them with an imaginary blow dart gun, they have to completly go limp and fall, it is a great time, you cant move until somebody touches your ear. There have been some funny, interesting, and great positions people have been in, including when elder Ionge was hanging his clothes up outside, and elder Hogge shot him from inside the window

Monday, February 9, 2015

Nothing our of the ordinary this week. I forgot my Journal, so i cant get into the details and the little things that happened, but the biggest thing that happened is a baptism!

Friday, we had to go to a place called La Banda (45 min) to get the baptism gown for Gisela, we found an awesome park and obviously played on it for a little bit. 
notice (Reserved for handicapped) sign behind elder Iongi, he had no Idea. lol.
We had to clean the chaple twice because after we cleaned friday, they had some sort of relif society thing, and made it dirty, so we cleanned again Saturday. The baptism was awesome, Hno. Rolondo Ruiz (my first convert) Baptized his son Nahuel, and wife Gisela. It was awesome seeing them all come together! Before they went in, Nahuel was nervous, so they knelt in prayer outside of the font! It all went good. They both had to be baptized twice, but they were baptized!! 

Sunday, we took the colectivo to an investigators house (Brisa, she is being baptized this Saturday) and there was a guy KNOCKED OUT! he was covered in paint, probably drunk, and definitly was partying the night before. When we got off the collectivo, about 5 minutes later we saw him walking back, retracing the collectivo route. He missed his stop. lol it was fun to watch. 

Nothing else really, enjoy the picture of the dog, even they think its way to hot here. :)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Just in case you guys thought i was kidding everytime i talk about how hot it is here... http://www.diariopanorama.com/seccion/locales_13/racord-santiago-la-ciudad-mas-calurosa-de l-mundo_a_184250

As for the week goes.. Ive kinda forgot.
We have been working (sweating) hard. We had divisions at one point, I was with elder tafur, the district leader. I don´t like him very much so it was a long day. but we got two fechas (baptism dates) that day. he doesnt try to build relationships with people when he teaches or contacts, so it was difficult.
the next day he went on divisions with the zone leaders, and when he got back, after about 2 minutes he was already getting mad at us for something. He always corrects everyword i say wrong in spanish, and i have told him multiple times how much i hate it, so as i was explaining it again, he was correcting me. That didn´t go over well.
Other than that, my companion is still aweome, we love eachother and are hoping for another transfer together.
On sunday, we got 66 contacts in the street. That was awesome, a lot of people sit outside with their families on sundays.
Then on monday we went to a soccer field with the other elders in the zone and played soccer, basketball, and ate steak. Then elder hogge and i found out we had to go to salta to finish our papers that day. so we hopped on the collectivo and took the 1 hour journey home to get ready. We finished our papers and wont have to go back to salta, so thats good. Nahuel (Ruiz morenos son) is doing awesome. we finished the lessons with him today and i gave him a ´stories of the book of mormon´ book to read. They are super ready for this saturday!!
Other than that, nothing too exciting.
Love you guys.
#MakeItRain (Peso edition)