Monday, April 4, 2016

6 Month Alert!

Get ready for another boring email from Elder Beary, or scroll down to the bottom to see the pics. Your choice

This week was a lot of travel, and not to much work. But here we go

Monday- We just stayed around for Pday and did´t do too much, but then had a pretty good lesson with a young activating family. And they gave us pizza, so it was obviously solid

Tuesday- We had an average District meeting in the morning followed up with the usual 1 Hour and 15 minute bus ride back to our area. Ended the night with a dinner appointment with the Arancibia family (dad is coming back to church, and his wife, Natalia, has been investigating for like 8 years) 

Wednesday- In the morning we had Interviews with the President. Those are always solid! It´s always nice to get personal advice and encouragement from President Chaparro. Then in the afternoon we were able to visit the Mansilla family to share God´s plan of salvation to her son and neighbor.

Thursday- We had a service project in the afternoon and we were able to help a family from a different village move. Lots of heavy lifting and sore forearms. Then headed to a house of some recient converts (4 boys. 15, 13, 11, and 9) and thats always an adventure. 

Friday- Visited the Arancibias again and we watched the Restoration movie and Natalia accepted a baptismal date for the 23rd of April! Then there was an activity for the Elders Corom in the church so we headed up to show some of the Argentines how to play ping pong.

Saturday- Due to the long travel, our whole day was filled with General Conference. But we weren´t able to stay for the Priesthood session cuz it started at 9 and we wouldn´t have gotten home until like 12:30..

Sunday- Another long and satisfying day of conference, and thanks to the only 2 sister missionaries in the zone, we kept the tradition alive with the Cinnamon Rolls!! 

Ps. Yes Elder Holland, You and the 1 hour bus ride were the only things between me and my ice cream that was in the freezer with my name written all over it! 

We moved all of their stuff, so he just took a little snoozer on the counter
The bus system
New Bikes!
Conference (english room)
Cinnamon Rolls!!!!!! 
Lunch with the Branch during conference
Elder Threet fell asleep

Pday with Enzo! 

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