Monday, March 28, 2016


Here in Argentina, the pascua (easter) is kinda weird. They celebrate a whole week! here they have the semana santa, which is basically a long weekend of ¨remembering Christ¨ But really, nobody here really does too much of that. they just take advantage of the long weekend without work! And as for Easter Sunday, its basically a normal day. The big day here is Friday (the day christ died) but sunday they were all back on the daily grind, doing what they always do. We need to always remember that Christ LIVES. its not something casual or something we should take advantage of. Through him we can be resurected too!!! 
We need to put our trust in him, our confidence in him, or love in him, our focus in him, and keep our vision always on him!! He is risen. He is perfect. He is our Savior! Only through him can we become what we want to become! 

I invite everybody, as we aproach general conference, that you can all get on your knees and thank our Father for the sacrifice of giving his only son to us that we may have eternal life, and make some goals to be edified while listening to the conference talks and the words of our beloved profet! 

Pray for the speakers and especially President Monson, that they may be inspired to help up become better people. If President Monson can say everytime conference ends ¨Ive certainly learned a lot on how I can become a better person¨ than Im sure we can all do it too!!! 

I love you guys! Happy Conference!! Stay cozy in your house and eat a cinnimon roll in my honor! 
Oops... Pictures
With elder Erickson
went to an art museum
a super old tripple
kid with a Braves shirt
flu shot
Cheese Potatoes
Noah and George 
I had to use a bag for an extra sock cuz my shoes have a big hole!! 

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