Monday, March 30, 2015

Tuesday- meetings in the morning, then we did splits with a few members. Nothing too exciting!

Wednesday- The morning was the wedding of Williams and Gaby! It was a great service and they are super happy! We gave their friend a Book of Mormon during it too!! 

Thursday- We planned in the morning, super exciting.... Williams and Gaby had their interviews for their baptism, and all went peachy! After, we taught Silvias daughter Noelia and a few other lessons.

Friday- Cleaned and filled the font in the morning (4 hours to fill) then went to lunch, turned the font off and went home. I gave Williams a fresh new fade in the afternoon, then we had to wait for the collectivo for about 45 minutes at the end of the night, but a less active family gave us milinesa, so it was all cool.

Saturday- Day #200 in the mission! The weather was remarkable, nice and sunny, but with just enough breeze to keep the heat away. It felt like sunny St. George. Had lunch with the Ruiz Morenos (first converts) after we cleaned the church. The baptism was scheduled for 5, but they didn´t show up until about 5:45. The service was great though! They worked hard to get married and quit smoking so they could reach their goal to be baptized on the 28th! We had the mindset of ¨we can reach your goal¨not uou can reach it¨ I think that helped a lot!

Sunday- They werent confirmed because their house got broken into and they were taking care of that. Taught a few lessons then found a really solid new investigator through street contacting. 

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