Friday, October 10, 2014

The MTC is alright. Everyday is the same. We just sit in class and lear Spanish and the gospel. We had a good devotional on Sunday. Vai Sikahema came and gave a good message about opening up and talking to everybody you meet. It was cool hearing from him. Last P-Day my companion was playing volleyball and some samoan guy spiked it and dislocated my comps thumb. that was cool. the bone was sticking out of his finger, so the rest of P-Day was spent at the ER which was kind of unfortuante because I was on fire during basketball. Other than that nothing too exciting. We got our flight plans today. We fly to Atlanta then down to Buenos Aires. After that, they bus us up to Salta. That is going to be at least a 20+ hour bus ride.... I'm so excited for that.... 

Companion's xray

My zone

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