Monday, July 20, 2015

Pictures wont load again..... Sorry team

But as for the week.. nothing too exciting again
We went on splits with the ZL´s and i was with Elder Burnett, he's from
South Jordan.
We have been going to the other part of our area a lot lately and last
week was awesome
We were contacting and found a 24 yo named Pilar. We talked to her and
basically just left her with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. On
wednesday we returned, and found her mom. The lesson was awesome and
we talked about faith. Then the mom said we need to visit her mom, who
lives in our area. So Friday, we went to visit her, and we found
Paola, Pilars sister. The next day we went back to the other area,
Caimancito, to visit them. We had a lesson with the whole family and
they all read the 2 pamphlets we left with them and had some fantastic
questions! We had a perfect lesson with them, but ended sadly. They
said that they were only in Caimancito visiting for vacation, and that
next week they go back to Slata. So two lucky elderes in Salta are
going to get a fantastic reference!!
Other than that we are working on our obedience again. This week we
have interviews with the Pres. so that should be solid.

Sorry about the lame email, and that I cant load pics... One day you
will see all of my puppy selfies again, one day..

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