Friday, September 19, 2014

Jordan sent a few short emails this week.

First week was awesome. The MTC is sick. My district is so close already. We have had a good and hard time learning the language and the gospel. Elder Richard G. Scott came yesterday and talked to the missionaries in a devotional and it was fantastic. The best quote he gave was "Don't rush through the opportunity to talk to your heavenly father." and "He knows who you are, he knows what you need, and he knows what you can become." Everything is good here on the west side of the MTC. they are moving us back to main campus on Oct. 1st. Running out of time. Ill have more next week. Love you!

elder harris from st g. get along great. 2 others going to salta. elder richard g scott came yesterday and spoke.. west mtc is awesome. main is all inside but west is outside. mealsaregood and organized. we stay at west. class is good and hermano kent is cool. 


In class, being taught by Hermano Kent

View from my classroom

The Ecuardorians

Elder Matthews from St.George, he is going to Buenos Aires

My companion, Elder Harris, from St. George

Me and Elder Kale Smith (he is going to Korea)

District after devotional

My district at the temple

Went to Burger Supreme for lunch

Letter from Jordan:

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