Monday, October 19, 2015

A two week update in 10 minutes? Here we go

So I got a new companion. His name is Elder Escudero and is from Chile. (BOOO another Chileno. Hes cool) He has 9 months in the mission and we´re excited to work. 

Basically spent the whole week trying to find and get to now less actives. We have more than 700 members in our area, and with my other companion, we hardly got to know any of them. We don´t really have investigators, but we are working hard to find the families that aren´t all members and that are being prepared by the Lord to come back to church. 

Finished the week with the baptism of Natalia and Julieta Hoyos (wife and daughter of Alejandro, who was baptized a few weeks ago) Alejandro did the baptism and we had refreshments afterwards. And yes, my banana bread turned out super amazing. 

We had our ward conference last week, the first one in the Independencia Ward history. About 7 months ago, a ward and a branch were combined into 1 big ward, and thats why we have so many members. 

Tuesday I was dying. Not really but I thought so. I felt as if my head was going to explode. As we were emailing last week I got a super bad headache and I couldn´t read anything on the computer. I called the Presidents Wife to let her know what was up and she sent us to an Eye doctor. Long story short, My right eye (ive always had some problems with it) is overworking due to its lack of talent and I need glasses to give it a rest. Therefore, im in a hunt to find glasses. Then wednesday I couldn´t get up in the morning because my back and stomache were destroying me. Long story short, and after the first blessing I have recieved on my mission and the first time I threw up on my mission, the doctor told me that I had food poisining. I got two shots in my butt and some pills to make me better. But I was on rest and recovery wednesday and thursday. 

Wedensday night we had our 1st ward family night. about 20 people came and we did the lesson about donuts and the atonement. it turned out pretty solid.

Thursday we had interviews with the President and they went really well. Lots of things to improve.

Saturday before conference 2 guys tried to rob us in the middle of the street in front of about 15 people. We told them they were crazy and that we didn´t have anything and that was about it

CONFERENCE WAS FANTASTIC. A few quotes that I liked (from memory so they probably aren´t exact)
The Holy Ghost doesn´t tell us to improve everything at once
Our direction is more important than our speed.
Straighten up and fly right
Its never to early and never to late to lead, guide, and walk beside.
Darkness and doubt are controled by us
To obey is better than to sacrifice. 
If you unplug the light, don´t complain that it doesn´t shine.
Make sacred convenets, then keep them
True disciples don´t look for excuses
We dont have to be perfect, but good at getting better.
Trials grow conviction.
Adversity handled correctly can be a blessing
and of course all of Elder Hollands talk LOVE YOU MOM

Hope everybody enjoyed conference like I did. Make sure that we aren´t like balloons that lose this spiritual excitement over time. 

(No pictures due to the fact that I still don´t have a camera) 

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