Monday, February 22, 2016


Well you won´t be gettin any pictures, cuz we went to the internet lab like 1 hour ago to send an email real quick, and I forgot my backpack there. Luckily it only had my camera, but it also had 40 Gigs of memory... cool. 2nd time in the mish... (mom send another camera.) 

as for the week. its been a patience builder. My mini comp is really touchy. he just has to touch all of my stuff and try everything on that I own and ask and feel about everyting! 

We had another crazy storm this week! and it was even worse than the other one! a whole bunch of water entered into our apt and even hail!! 

We had 3 investigators in church this week, and continue working diligently to find more! 

I don´t really remember too much as to what happened during the week, and im mad that i lost my camera, so thats it for the week! 

Bye  😥👔

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