Monday, February 15, 2016

So like I said last week, my mini was only gonna stick around for the week and a half, so currently im in a computer lab in salta waiting for my new mini companion. He should be here for 3 weeks until the transfer ends. I don´t know anything about him, his name, or where he is from, so I will keep you updated next week.

This week we had two trainings in Salta (I`m in Salta, but in a pueblo on the outskits, so they call downtown `Salta`. It would be like if salt lake was also called Utah. But not as dramatic) 
The trainings were good, and one was with our President, his wife, and the Assitents. I really learned a lot in that one and was able to recieve lots of revalation. Also, the Hermana Chaparro talked for like 1 hour about how we can avoid Dengue. The mosquitos (especially in my area) are carrying lots of desieses right now. 

Also, Monday and Tuesday was Carnival (I don´t know how to explain it, I would say similar to Mardi Gras) and that really but a pause to the work. everybody and their homeless dog goes and just dances and shoots eachother with silly string and throws paint at eachother. I imagine it to be an argentine version of the Color Festival they do in SF. Then Wednesday in the morning, there wasn´t anybody in the streets to talk to and nobody answered their door. They few people in the streets were still there from the night before, and pretty drunk. 

Other than the trainings and partying, we`ve had some crazy weather. It rains here pretty dand hard and leaves some solid sized puddles in the streets to cross, but Saturday night was LOCISIMO! It rained and rained and rained and I saw/heard some of the loudest and closes lightning in my life. then the whole city lost power and litteraly every street was a river. I had to but bags on my feet and tape them down cuz of the holes in my shoes, but it was still so deep that it didn´t help to much. 

As for the work, its getting there. Its been a little harder with a mini to have that unity that you need to be able to teach and contact the people. We are still stuck without investigators, but the reactivation is coming along quite well. Just gotta keep thrustin that sickle. 

Sorry for all of the misspelled words, and I don´t have my adaptor to send pics. maybe ill cut my time a little short so I can get on latter to send them! 

Happy Valentines day to all of my babes waitin on me (mom, grandma) I appreciate the love. 😉😘✌💟

Con amor, Elder Beary 👔

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