Monday, May 9, 2016


So, It was a pretty average week, so get ready for a pretty average email..
Workin hard and puttin in long hours here in Ledesma with my comp, we are starting to find some new people to teach, so hopefully they will pregress! We had a zone conference on friday, so we left thursday to go sleep in another apt, and they didn´t have power. That made for an interesting morning with 6 missionaries trying to get ready in the dark.. Zone conference was good, I was able to see lots of old friends, and I got my Bday Package (Thanks mom)

Today for my bday, a few elders came from like 2 hours away to visit their converts and the members, and it just so happend to by my bday so we had a big party in the church with lots of empanadas and cake! What else could a 21 year old mormon ask for! maybe a few cervesas sin alcohol!! 

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes, I hope you guys have a great week! Keep on keepin on and CTR!

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