Monday, May 30, 2016

Morning Sickness!

Heyguys! !

This should make for an interesting, and short letter

Thisweek was prettyweird. 
first of all, sorrybut the space bar doesnt work very well and I don`t have too much time
Monday was a prettynormal pday, but we were limited due to the fact that my companion has a super ingrown toenail, so we were on some strict house arrest.
Tuesday we did splits, and I went back to myold area of Yuto for the day. It was good to be back, the elders there are doing a good job at teaching everybody and are having a lot of success.it was also good to see a few old friends and catch up.
Wednesday wasa holidayhere in argentina, so we got together as a branch and had an activity in the chapel. We ate locro (a super heavy corn soup made of everything you can imagine, i was `lucky` enoughto have recieved the pigs foot in my plate, and there was still hair on it.... eww.) and we played some games with the members. as we were playing withthe youth I ran (walked) into one of them as he was gettinghimself off of the ground, and im like 90% sure that I broke mynose.. 
Thursday we had another slow day in the apt. Icant really remember anythingtoo special
Friday we headedto Salta so mycomp could get his toe takin care of,but it was still too infected that theycouldn`t do anything. We also took advantage of the opportunityand headedto the nose doctor. lol. Its a little crooked and i have to get xrays
Saturday,due to mycomps strcit house arrest from the doctor and the Hermana Chaparro, we did a lot of nothing, and I made pizza
Sunday was good. we had a few investigators in the church and planned on doing splits with the youth so I wouldn`t go crazy from being inside all day, but at like 5, the leaders called withtransfer news.
Elder Milne and my companion elder Miller both got changed. they are in Tucuman now, So I had to go withelder Henriquez to another city for their churchservices. but we got there and thebranch president had lost the key.. so we did some visits and headed home. 

Elder Wood (from the MTC) is now here in Ledesma with Elder Henriquez and I will be getting a new companion on wednesday. Like they say in missionary terms, Im pregnant, and am about to have a child! 

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