Monday, July 25, 2016

Average Week Alert...

Due to my toe, for the first half of the week, we were limited. I got my stitches out, but I´m still not allowed to walk that much..
Then for the other half of the week, we had lots of activities, service, meetings, and empanadas! We had to go to another city for out stake priesthood conference. It was good to be able to catch up with some old friends from Yuto..
Also this week we have found and mastered the love of the ¨Trompo¨ 
a trompo is a top, but the old school ones that you actually have to know how to throw, and not just pull to spin! The little kids in the street are teaching us how to throw them, and I won´t lie, but i´m getting pretty good!!!!!

Have a good week! I hope that everybody enjoyed the 24th of july and remembered the sacrifice of the pioneers who so bravely left everything behind to blindly follow the prophets voice into an unknown land to build up the kingdom of God! 

Pics: I found a dog in a jean jacket
the lady forgot to take out one of my stitches
I took it out by myself...
The district


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