Monday, July 18, 2016

These last two weeks have kinda flown, but at they same time they have kinda just been crawling, ya know ?

Last monday we headed down to salta to get my toe checked up on! then in the evening, I had to get SURGERY! Besided the fact that I thought my toe was going to fall off the entire time, it went really well! It was only like 25 minutes. Also monday was the first day of the new transfer, which means when we were in salta, all off the elderes heading to their houses were there. It was good to see some old friends, and a kid from my area in Salta was there saying bye to the elder that baptized him. He then went with us for the night to get my surgery and eat dinner. 
After my surgery was over, the last colectivo to our area had already left, so we had to go and sleep with all of the elderes that were finishing. It wasn´t nearly as trunky as I thought it was going to be. In only 3 months, that will be my group finishing up. 

We got home at about 2 on tuesday and did some pday things, like clean and do laundry, then we went to our ward family night.

Wednesday, a member went out and did visits with my comp while I stayed in the house of a member

Thursday, the member that was supposed to help us never showed up, so we just stayed inside all day

Friday we got bailed on again, but it was okay cuz there was an acivity in the church, but nobody showed up anyways...

Saturday my comp went out with the other 2 elders and I once again stayed with a member in his house.

Sunday, an elder had his parents come pick him up, so they were there visiting in church and they gave me Laffy Taffy´s!!! We were supposed to have 2 members come help us out, one to do the visits, and one to stay with me, but one bailed so we headed to the hospital to give a blessing, and that was the day

I should be getting my stitches out tomorrow, then little by little ill be able to get back to full gear. The good thing about my surgery is that there is like a 95% chance that I will never get an ingrown toenail again! 

As for the changes in our area, Im still with my brazilian son, and elder wood (who finishes in 4 weeks) got a new companion. Elder Brandon, he is from texas and has about 1 year in the mission. Therefore, ledesma just got a lot whiter!

Have a fantastic week! HBD to my brother! 23 years old.. Find a girlfriend already!!!! 

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