Monday, August 29, 2016

The Bus Life

Big, fast update...

Last week we finished strong. Finished in the sense of elder Apolinarios training. we were able to have a whole lot of fun together for 3 months. 
Finished also in the sense of, even though I only have 1 more month in the mission, I have been sent to another, final area. 
Sunday afternoon President Chaparro called and gave me the news that I would be headed to Concepcion, Tucumán. So, sunday night we put on the hiking shoes and went to say bye to all of the people that have helped and impacted me in these last 4 months. The saddest, (pics from last week) was saying bye to my good friend Javier. We have worked hard to activate and excite javier to put some goals and reach them, It was hard for the both of us to see me go earlier than we were expecting. He gave us dinner, and I gave him the tie off of my neck.
Monday I enjoyed an 8 hour bus ride to my new area, and now we are workin hard
I am with Elder Mendez. He is from Quito, Ecuador. He started the mission 1 transfer after I did, and we both started in the same zone, so we´ve kind of known eachother. 
This week we have traveled a LOT! our zone is a spacious zone full of lots of bus rides. On wednesday, we did splits and I was honored to work with elder Figueredo. He is from brazil and is about to complete 1 year in the mission. Then on friday, we had some last second baptismal interviews, so I was able to work with a good buddy, Elder Brundage. then we had a slumber party in our apt. 
Our apartment is actually really really nice! So thats a blessing. today we cleaned it up even more, its nice to be able to come home from a hard day of work and not be grossed out by your house. Its nice to feel at home!! 

Sorry, but my camera broke (idk how) and im not too worried about finding a new one. My comp takes lots of pics, so ill be sure to send them your way once I get them from him!

Love you guys! 
See you next week! 

-Elder Beary

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