Monday, September 5, 2016


Sorry guys for the short update. This week we are in the Capital of Tucumàn to visit our old areas, so we want to take advantage of all of the time that we have.

As for our week, it was solid. We had a 18 year old kid come to church last week, and we took his dirrection and set up an appointment, and we honestly feel that this family is super prepared! 
we got there and taught them for the first time and they were super receptive!!! They are excited to keep learnin and reach they baptismal goal for the 24th! 
Other than that, we had some solid meetings and conferences that really helped a lot. 1 was with President Chaparro, his counsilor, the district president, and some special guests. and wow. It was a good time for revelation!!!

Sorry I still don`t have any pictures...

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