Thursday, January 1, 2015

Last tuesday was pretty normal, but at the end of the day when we were waiting for the collectivo, it got pretty interesting. We had been waiting in a weird spot for about 50 minutes when my comp took my advice and started to walk to a different place. But we didn´t go to the normal spot where 2 different collectivos pass, we went to another random spot and Elder Echeverria said if the other one passes, we can run to where it picks us up so it passed and we ran, and ran, and ran. And he was leading and took us to a street that wasn't even close to the collectivo. So we missed it, then I told him we will walk to where I wanted to go, and as we turned the corner, a different one was coming. So we ran about two more blocks and got on. Once we were on, we recognized the people on the bus, it was the bus that passed by where we were originally waitng. ´Next time, im the guide´-Me

Christmas eve.
I bought a little christmas tree from a lady for 10 dollars. that was probably the highlight. Then just shared christmas messages with members and investigators. We then had dinner with the Ruiz Morenos (The guy we baptized) and that was really good. We ate a lot and sung hymns. They took us home at 11. We waited for midnight, because here, everybody stays awake and at 12 they shoot off fireworks. And the story of santa is that he comes when you least expect him, and you cant see him because of the fireworks. Kinda lame, but the night was fun.
Christmas I got to skype home. that was a solid time to see everybody. navidad.mormon.org

Friday was really hot and we walked a ton.

Saturday We tried to teach silvia (New investigator with closest baptism date) 3 times but she wasn´t home or was busy.

Sunday she didn´t come to church, but we had two others come so it wasn´t too bad. We also found out that elder hogge and i (Newbees) had to go to salta (7 hours away) to sign papers on monday.

Monday wasn´t pday because they made it wednesday. They don´t want us working on new years eve. So we went to chango mas and bought food, and got all ready for our trip, when the secretary called and said we weren´t going, and that we will go next week. That sucks because next week we will have to go on pday. So we worked monday and it wasnt too sucessful, I guess thats why its pday.

Tuesday we had to go to central for a meeting to discuss the goal for baptisms next month. the last two months goals were 22 and 20, but we only got 6 and 8. So it was my turn to say a number and i said 14, because thats how many companionships are in the zone, but everybody was so optomistic, (just like last month) that we could get 22. Its hard to think logically like I do when everybody else doesn´t.

That was my week. Have a good 5 days and I´ll write on Monday

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