Monday, January 5, 2015

My comp finishes his mission this week. Hopefully we will end it with a baptism! Other than that, honestly nothing to talk about. New years was just like christmas, but with a lot more fireworks, The computer place blocked dropbox so i can't send pics on that anymore. New years was Elder Connollys 1 year mark and the 3rd was my comps 2 year mark. Other than that, just teaching, studdying, and walking. New comps for Elder Hogge and I next monday. Also, we both have to go to salta, (7 hour bus ride) tomorrow night at 11. we have to finish paperwork so we can stay in the country. Not to important if you ask me,. who needs to be legal. Everybody in the ward is going to the temple this week, (14 hour bus ride to buenos aires) so we will have to look for lunch appointments.

D&C 64:29

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