Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday night we stayed in Ledesma to do splits with 2 elders, spent the whole time contacting and trying to find them new investigators. Very successfull.

Tuesday we went on splits with the other elders in Ledesma for the whole day. I was with Elder Hess again in his area. The day wasn´t too successful because we had to run a bunch of errands, then finished it off with Noche De Hogar. We talked about the importance of the Atonement in our lives, and I explained the importance about being worthy to take the sacrament. 

Wednesday we left for Caimancito. Found a few solid possibilities. Also something bit my finger, it didn´t hurt, but it swelled up fast. Then finished the night at a family night with some members. I drank two cups of matte cocido, it was the first time that I actually enjoyed it! also a cat farted on my shoulder

Thursday we did some service before going to the Hospital to visit a member, he wasn´t there. But I took advantage of the opportunity to ask about my finger, I have ¨Celulitis de partes blanas¨ Idk what that means but im infected. Went back to ledesma in the noche and I ate a large amount of noodles that was an immediate mistake. 

Friday didn´t sleep whatsoever due to the fact that Elder Fuga snores like a train. Had to get up early to get to Oran for the Zone Training. I once again sat in the trunk of the car for the ride, and the whole time I thought I was going to throw up because my stomach was killing me. Zone conference was good, but we didn´t really learn too much. Had our Branch family night, then a member brought us Milanesa sandwiches. Milanesa sandwiches are way better when they are free.

Saturday for exercizes we climped up a 90 rung ladder to get to the top of a tower. It was pretty sketchy because the first thing I asked my self when I got to the top was ¨If I were to fall, which direction would I rather go?¨, but im still alive so we´re cool. We didn´t have water all day, and I super shrunk my Patchriarcal (thats not how you spell it.) Blessing so that it fits in my Missionary Handbook! 

Sunday we went to the Cordoba temple dedication. It was really sweet. Pres Uchtdorf gave some really good talks about always being ready for Christ to come, even if it´s only in the form of other people. And Elder Christofferson speaks solid spanish. Got home and visited some members so Elder Pizarro could say bye.
Elder Pizarro got transfered to Tucuman, and my new companion is Elder Urbina from Hondorus.

Highlight of the week is that I found a donut shop and they sell super awesome dulce de leche filled chinese donuts

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