Friday, September 25, 2015

Familia Beary

Letter received September 25 - Dated July 30, 2015
What up fam?
I don't really have too much to write because I email you guys every week, but... Argentina is good!  The food is fantastic!  Empanadas, Milanesa, facturas, etc.  Meals aren't anything too special.  Chicken with rice or noodles, or a potato salad-ish dish.  Breakfast is mate with bread.  Dinner doesn't exist for the missionaries but sometimes (a lot) we buy milanesa sandwiches or a member gives us deli sandwiches or mate, or pizza.  (Pizza here isn't anything special, but they love it and are prideful of it).  Normal bread is hard to come by, it's usually mini french breads, or biscuits.  Motorcycles and scooters are the family car here.  It's not unusual to see 4 people piled on to one scooter, or two guys hauling stacks of 2x4's or poles that are super long.  Also at about age 11 you're driving a moto solo.
I'll have a new comp and probably in a new area by the time you get this.  Yuto is nice.  The people are super Catholic/Evangelica.  The missionaries have been here for 19 years and the area is small, so basically everybody has already talked with the missionaries before.  Therefore, we do a lot of contacting and progressing investigators don't really exist.  Siga trabajando no mas.  We spend a lot of $$ traveling because nothing is close to us. (district/zone meetings).  I'll be close to my 1 year mark when you read this too. Days are slow, but the time is FLYING!  Everybody says that, but it's hard to believe.  Sometimes it's hard to think that I'll go home one day.  It seems like I'll be a missionary forever.  The spanish is coming.  Slowly, but coming.  Just need to study hard.  I have no idea how to write in spanish.  Sorry.  I'll probably only have 3 transfers in Yuto, which is less that I had in my 1st area in Ejercito Argentino.  Spanish is different because two words can be spelled the same but end with -o or -a, and mean completely different things, like wrist and doll.  Or the exact same word, just how you use it changes the meaning like smart and ready, or hunt and marry.  I lost my drivers license in my first area like 6 months ago.  We get $1800 pesos a month which is legally $211 dollars.  Things cost the same, a 5 dollar pizza is $50 (never bought pizza).  But if you have dollars in cash, you can sell them for about $12 pesos.  I'm not sure if it's legal, but we only do it with other missionaries and the mission president.  So send CASH!!!
- Elder Jordan Beary

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