Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Week

Well not too much to update you guys about. 
It was another ´white christmas´ here in Argentina. White translates to smokey and rainy this year. Besides the thousands of fireworks that are shot off at 12:00 that leave the whole country under a black cloud of firework smoke, it rained... a LOT
When I got here in Rosario, I asked my companion if it rains very much, and he replied, ´It never rains here.´ Well ive been here for 14 days and it has rained probably 6-8 of those days, and 3 of those were STORMS! Just yesterday, as we were walking around trying to find a few referrals, we got trapped. We made it to the house of a member, and she was nice enough to give us a bowl of soup. It was the first time that I had a candlelight dinner in my life. Not because the member is a snake, but because the whole entire pueblo didn´t have power! It was also the first time in my whole life that there was a constant lighting storm, were talking lightning strikes every 10-15 seconds and I don´t think there was a quite moment, because the sky was constantly rumbling with thunder! 
Christmas eve we spent with a family and we enjoyed a very delicious, and juicy asado! And christmas day was a very average, normal day apart from skypping home! 
We had a solid Christmas conference with the President and his wife, followed by a fun White Elephant gift exchange. Elder Beary gave an Elder Beary´s 2016 Calender. 12 Months with 12 pics of Elder Beary! Lol. 

Hope you guys have a solid New Years and don´t forget to put some goals, and to keep them! 

Stay safe, stay sweet

Elder Beary

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