Monday, December 14, 2015

Too Much to Write!

Im not gonna break down word for word everything that happened in the last two weeks, so don´t worry. 

Crazy story. Last week we were finishing up our day with the Hoyos family and it started to rain, They told us to wait a little longer and they would take us home in their car. By the time we were leaving, it was POURING rain. 
We got about 8 blocks through the river-like streets before we kinda got trapped in a giant puddle, Elder Escudero and I took of the important things (like the ties) and hopped out to push. We were in knee deep agua pushing their car to shore. Their car wouldn´t start and we couldnt just leave them there stranded for the night, so we turned it around and started pushing it home, the only thing is, we were pushing up stream! we got about 4 blocks in and it took about 30 minutes, so we pulled it off to the side and left it there for the night. Elder Escudero and I, already 45 minutes late to get home, headed to the bus stop, but because of the water, there wasnt anything to take us home! After a 50 minute walk, we got home!! QUE LOCO! 

Last night I made my rounds to all of the people that I have grown to know and love to break the news that I MIGHT be leaving this great area of Independencia. It was awesome to be able to see everybody that I care about and share un ratito\testimonio\oracion with them. We all laughed and joked around that maybe I wouldn´t even leave, or that my companion would leave and I would stay. When we got home full from all of the pizza and milinesa sandwiches, we got the news, and indeed, I had to part ways. I´ve been reasigned to labor in Salta la Linda, in the area of ´Rosarrio de Lerma´ (If I remember right.)

My first impressions of salta kinda remind me of my time in Yuto, Jujuy, which was an area pretty difficult. Other than the fact that it costed me $250 pesos to get from the terminal to our house, It seems to be a pretty solid area. Lots of work to do because I know they haven´t seen anybody enter the waters of baptism in a while. But Elder Cubas (de Paraguay) and I are hittin it off early and we are ready to work!

Love yall and hope you have a great final week preparing for Christmas. 

Don´t forget about the poor Elder Beary and maybe you could even send him a special Christmas Letter! 

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