Monday, April 13, 2015

First off, I forgot my journal so this might not be too long.

Last week was a good one, I knew (felt) I was going to get transfered, So it kinda went fast.
I cant remember anything too specific, conference topped off the week well. Nobody there was Gringo and wanted to watch in English, So I didn´t learn too much. 
Elder Blake, our ZL, got called to be the Assistant, So Gaby Montenegro, Bishops son, was a mini for a few days.
Sunday night, we crashed at the ZL´s so we could get up and travel in the morning,
I got transfered to Yuto, Jujuy. and my new companion is Elder Pizarro, he is from chile. 10 hour collectivo ride on monday, and I still wasnt in my area. Didn´t get to much of a PDay, thats why i didn´t have time to write!

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