Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tuesday: Went to Ledesma and had our district meeting, then i went on splits with elder Valenzuela. For Family Night we watched 17 Miricles and it was dope.Truly helps you understand and feel what the pioneers did for us. Remarkable. 

Wednesday: I heard a spanish song that has Drake featured in it (Romeo Santos- Odio). English is awesome and I miss it. Got back to my area, (on the way home, the taxi driver rolled my hand up in the window. nice.) and a member here got mad at an old lady. 

Thursday: Planned, then at lunch, a kid in the ward gave us a bunch of toys. Then we hitchhiked to an investigators house, hitchhiked back, and visited a really old recent convert. He told us that in 1820 people couldnt read, so Joseph Smith wasn´t studdying the Bible...? K.

Friday: We went back to Ledesma to do a baptism interview. Elder Mendoza and I taught a few lessons while the others did the interview. Then got back to Yuto, taught some lessons, had Family Night and watched ¨Charly¨ (Yes I cried) Fantastic movie.

Saturday: Went back to the investigator that lives really far, they werent home, so hitchhiked back to the city. Found a kitty that got attacked by a dog and the eye was hanging out... Had an activity in the Church at 4. Nobody came.... Taught

Sunday: One investigator (Dad of a family that are all members, he comes every week) I had to give a talk in church about ‹dificados en Cristo¨ Then went to a different pueblo, found 9 new investagators, and had a Sacrament meeting there. Then had some cake for the Branch President´s wife´s birthday.

Truck we found
Shotgun in the bus
Puppy selfie
Hitchhiked a cop car
Cat with the skewampy eye
Bird that likes my head
Toys I got

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