Monday, April 13, 2015

This week has been different. Got to my area on Tuesday. its a little pueblo without collectivos or taxis. We have a lot of investigators on the outskirts of the pueblo. We have bikes!!!! Ive already repented, becuase they suck. They are old and always get flat tires. we have made 3 trips to one area, and gotten 4 flat tires... We also have another pueblo named caimancita that is a 30 minute bus ride away, we go there on wednsedays. The people here are nice and we have a little branch of about 25 people and 4 active melchezedek holders. the pres of the branch, one other person, and us elders. I'm the secretary of the branch!

Things are good here! I forgot my journal so I cant remember too much. this week has gone by pretty fast.

funny story
We visited a really old man(85 years) and he said he was waiting to travel. I asked him where he was going, thats when elder Pizarro looked at me, then looked at the sky.... Oh.. now I get it.
But things are good here and Im Excited to serve here!!!
The foosball guys here are painted for River and Boca. Equivlant of BYU and Utah

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