Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Monday: We went to Ledesma, my comp went and finished his papers in Salta, so I stayed with an Elder Hess and worked in his area. Played some soccer, and found out that Elder Fuga´s uncle is the Rock.
Tuesday: Did some service and had a Ward Family Night. Also we found out that the first counciler in their Branch died
Wednesday: Cleaned the church for the funeral, then had the service and went to the Cemetary. My comp got back, so we went to our area for the first time of the week. Talked a lot about how awesome Elder Fugas life is. (He plays for BYU, Teancum Fuga)
Thursday: Planned, did splits with the members, had an asado for a members bday. then went to Ledesma again!! 
Friday: Woke up early for our Zone conference in Oran. Me and my Boy Elder Iongi are REUNITED!!! He is in my zone! On the trip home, I found out that Elder Fugas neighbors are Kobe Bryant, Will Smith, Brad Pitt, and Justin Bieber... wow. Then got back in our area at like 6 and had a little time to work.
Saturday: Had some solid lessons
Sunday: Fast sunday and I introduced myself to the ward. Then had a sacrament meeting in a different pueblo an hour away. Had our sunday Asado for lunch. Got back at like 8. Had a fantastic lesson about the Law of Chastity and I took over. It was the first time I felf like the Spirit taught the whole lesson through me. 
Monday: Balled in the morning, got home and our house was all smoaky. An outlit caught fire. So now our fridge doest work and we dont have power, so I couldnt do my laudry. Balled again and now im here writing!!

D&C 84:85

Love you guys! WRITE ME!!!!!!!!!!

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