Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I don´t have too much time, nor many desires to write a big letter.
An averagely slow week, I got sick for 2 days, almost go bit by my first dog, had our usual district meeting, Had some good studies about focusing on the work, One of my best friends got drafted the the Astros! Had a fair share of empanadas and pizza, boring church, blessed both the bread and the water, then choir practice.

Why is church boring? During the first hour, there are about 8 people. The 4 of us in Priesthood read out of the manual, because the teacher doesn´t bother to prepare. 2nd hour is solid, I learn something new everyweek. Sacrament is in a small room, so every noise is super distracting. The Branch isn´t the most musically gifted branch, and the speakers usually fail to prepare.
I know that it can get better, just need a lot of effort from the members so they can realize that its CHURCH, a place to feel the spirit and learn something new! One of these weeks it will be fantastic

Freaking cat
Our shower
My planners
Puppy selfie
Backpack I found for sale. Nike, Adidas, and Puma! Wow!!!

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