Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sorry, I was in jail...

Dad, remember the picture you have from your mission when that guy
arrested you and it´s super fake? Yeah, I think I won.

Lets get to it, yes you read the subject line correct, We went to
jail... We were with Gaby yesterday during PDay and we went and
climbed the chimeny, and when we got to the bottom, three cops came up
to us, told us to get in the back of their truck, and they took us
¨Downtown¨ Got to the station and the Chief lectured us for about 5
minutes, before they took us back, took all of our stuff and info,
then locked us up. Elder Urbina and I went in one cell with 2 other
guys that were already there, and Gaby, being a minor, went to a
different cell. We asked if we could call somebody, and they said no.
We asked if they already told Gabys mom that he was in jail, and they
said no. So after about an hour of us telling them that it was illegal
to lock up a minor, they finally went to find his mom. They wouldn´t
give us a reason for why we were locked up, they just told us that
they had to finish a criminal check, then we would be free. We told
them that we didn´t have a criminal record, because if we did, we
wouldn´t be able to get a visa to be in Argentina, but that didn´t
change anything. We kept asking if we could call somebody, but they
wouldn´t allow it, nor would they give us a reason for why we were
locked up. We didn´t do anything illegal, and we didn´t break any
laws, so it wasn´t justified. Gabys mom finally came for him, then she
sent somebody to help us. We asked to talk to somebody superior, but
they didn´t allow that either. Super long story short, finally after 8
hours locked up, they let us go. We never got to call anybody, nor did
they ever give us a reason for why we were locked up. Called our
Mission President to let him know what happened, then a lawyer called
us. It was super annoying because we couldn´t do absolutely anything to
help our case. There are people on every corner doing drugs, and 10
year olds that are driving, but the biggest problem of the day was 3
Mormons on a chimney. The most annoying part was that every cop wanted
to see the pictures that we took and they thought that it was super

The other two guys in the cell were both there for abuse, so I was
ready to fight if I needed to. Unfortunately, we left before I could
get my tatoo. And I threw down about 15 push ups, because I
didn´t want to be the first person to leave jail fat.
But yeah, we lost our whole PDay because we were in the slammer, the
clink, the cooler, the coop, the crate, we were fenced in.
But, we still were able to (abrir nuestras bocas y hablar con todos)
We contacted the other two guys locked up and about 5 police officers.
sadly, THEY WOULDN´T EVEN LET ME TAKE A JAILFIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But yeah, don´t climb the chimney. "It's not illegal, but it´s
dangerous¨ -Police

TUESDAY- We had our district meeting, and I stayed in ledesma for
divisions. I was with Elder Mendoza, we had some great empanadas for
lunch, and then worked hard. We had a few solid lessons before we
watched Charly for Ward Family Night.

WEDNESDAY- Went back to my beloved Yuto, and had some polenta for
lunch, I love polenta. (Its really hard to show sarcasm through email,
I hate polenta) we built a fence for a lady in our branch, then hit it
hard. We didn´t have too many lessons, but it felt really successful.
Funny story, we contacted a guy, and he kept looking at his empty
wrist to tell us that he didn´t have time to talk, so I looked at my
wrist free watch and said ¨wow, its already 9:30¨ Elder Urbina was
laughing............. You had to be there I guess

THURSDAY- We taught a solid 6 lessons after our planning session, then
went to choir practice, Im still not sure why im in charge of it...

FRIDAY- Taught a few lessons, had Noche de Hogar, and choir practice.

SATURDAY- Lunch was super spicy (just how I like it) then had to help
a girl with her english project. Taught another 6ish lessons before
buying some Milinesa Sandwiches for dinner!

SUNDAY- Went to search for a less active before church, went to search
for a different less active during church, Elder Urbina got after 
the branch about being obedient to the commandments, solid
sunday lunch as always, Waited to help this girl with her project
again, but she never came. Took a nap, taught, had choir practice,
watched Frozen and drank matte for like 10 minutes. I love Frozen so

Transfer news, One elder, Elder Hess, left to salta, and we got Elder
Williams, I already know him from Santiago.  (Jess, he is from Beecave
Texas, in the same ward as Richards parents)

Computers suck so I will send some pics next week!

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